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Eastpac Group is a leading company in the UK’s packaging supplies market, providing a wide range of protective and supportive packaging materials to e-commerce and distribution businesses across the United Kingdom.

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Packaging Supplies
Because were unique

For Distribution Centres and Logistics Centres

Packaging supplies for shipping, palletisation, container transport and general bulk shipping of prepacked and single items. This includes materials like pallet wrap, document wallets, tapes and strapping as well as relevant tools and machinery to help you ship your consignments safely.
If you are a distribution centre, logistics company or a despatch department for a manufacturer, click here to see all your products in one place.

Because We’re QUALITY.

Because We’re COMPETITIVE.

Quality doesn’t always mean expensive. In fact, Quality more often means cost-effective. We continually develop new and unique products that allow our clients to reduce material costs, operating expenses and waster using the latest packaging industry technology.

For Manufacturing & Product Protection

Products for wrapping, single packing, pre-packing and protection of bespoke, batch and bulk manufactured items. This includes materials like bubble, foam and paper wrapping, tapes, boxes as well as bespoke manufacturer products like foam inserts for large-scale production.
If you are a manufacturer, a fabricator or a grower, please click here to see all your products in one place.

Because We’re PERSONAL.

Because We’re IMPERSONAL.

Our unique position in the packaging supply market allows us to be fair and equal to all our clients, whilst simultaneously taking a personal interest in their needs and requirements. Our customers can’t find better, more engaged service no matter where they look!

For eCommerce & Fulfillment

Materials for the fulfilment of online orders, single item or small quantity retail and courier despatch of smaller items and quantities. This includes packaging supplies like mailing bags, postal boxes, paper void fill, strap tape, and tapes as well as tools and machinery to help you ship your products safely. If you are a mailing house, online fulfilment company or online seller, click here to see all your products in one place.

Because We’re LOCAL.

Because We’re NATIONAL.

Our unique locations, our head office in Peterborough on the A1M and our central warehouse in Birmingham allow us to service clients nationwide and at the local level. With next-day delivery across all common stock lines, our customers find it hard to beat our service!

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Products

Recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable alternatives to standard mainstream products, as well as products that reduce the amount of plastic you could consume as a company. This includes innovations such as paper mailing bags, Stixx tape, and paper void fill as well as machines and tools to help you turn waste products into reusable material.
If you are looking to reduce your plastic consumption, reduce your carbon footprint or simply create a more environmental brand, click here to see all the alternatives that are available to your business, including some very new and exciting developments!

Because We’re BIG.

Because We’re SMALL.

We’re never too big to be small. This means that we have the stock and resources to maintain unparalleled services to all our clients, whilst still being able and willing to provide assistance with even the smallest of challenges and requests. Our clients find a smaller big company no matter where they look!

For Growers and Producers

Intelligent packing products designed to bring savings to growers of vegetables, fruits, and salads.  PCR packaging alternatives to most traditional products can also be found in our range, including palletwrap, tape and strapping.

Our Core Ranges


Intelligent packing materials that reduce long-term expenditure through modern innovation and correct application

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Quality packing tools and machinery that can secure fast ROI with the correct consumables and systems.


Paper alterantives to common plastic products used in the packaging industry.

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