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STIXX Tape – Efficiency, Performance and Green Credentials!

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Revolutionary eco-friendly packing tape delivers efficiency and performance

Stixx™ carton sealing tape is revolutionising the packaging sector with its unique combination of genuine green credentials and outstanding performance. Let’s look at what it has to offer


Stixx tape contains 80% regranulated PCR and is 100% recyclable after use. Conventional vinyl and acrylic packaging tapes can only contain a small amount of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic before the tape quality is compromised, while polypropylene tape can contain no PCR. Stixx tape also uses a natural rubber adhesive which can be easily recovered during the recycling process.

Although it delivers twice the strength of many conventional carton sealing tapes, Stixx tape is much thinner and is manufactured in compact, high-capacity 200 metre long rolls. This results in a lower carbon footprint, less storage space requirements and fewer discarded tape cores.

High Performance

The natural rubber adhesive used on Stixx tapes performs equally as well as vinyl adhesive and better than acrylic adhesive. Combined with the extraordinary strength of the revolutionary tape film, this makes Stixx a suitable tape for even harsh environments such as cold stores.

This strength also means a single strip of tape is generally sufficient to maintain the integrity of the seal and the strength of the carton where other tapes may require additional strips.

The extra capacity of a Stixx 200 metre long roll – three times the length of a conventional 66 metre tape – reduces downtime to reload the tape dispenser. Extra high capacity machine rolls are also available for automatic case tape sealing machines in production and order fulfilment environments.

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Tape Grades
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Stixx OB

Cost Effective

There are many ways in which Stixx is a cost-effective option for carton sealing tape.

Like other high-capacity 200 metre rolls, Stixx needs less space and outer packaging to be transported and stored. This reduces the cost of transport, storage and disposal of packaging waste. Extra high capacity machine rolls take this cost-saving even further.

A relatively new cost affecting carton sealing tapes is packaging tax, levied on all plastic packaging that contains less than 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. With 80% PCR, Stixx is well over the minimum requirement.

The STIXX Tape Applicator

Designed especially for Stixx tapes, the Stixx Tape Applicator offers optimum performance and operator comfort for manual tape dispensing and application.

Its ergonomically shaped rubber handle guarantees a comfortable, steady grip even for extended use and in cold or damp conditions, while a retractable tape cutting blade protects the operator from injury to hands, arms and legs. A silencer bar reduces the noise generated by tape coming off the roll, for a quieter working environment.

As the tape is dispensed from the applicator a rubber roller presses it firmly against the carton surface for good, even adhesion and a plastic tape flap follow through to ensure the tape is applied smoothly. When the tape is cut and tension is released, a metal anti-reversing plate prevents the free end of the tape from becoming entangled with the applicator or adhering to the tape roll.

Ready to make the switch to Stixx products?

Stixx carton sealing tapes and tape applicators are exclusive to Eastpac Group. For more information and prices or to transform your carton sealing operations with Stixx tapes, contact us on 01733 233 322 or at or fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly!

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