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9 INSANELY CREATIVE Packaging Designs in 2020

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Let your imagination run wild with these creative packaging ideas

It’s all about the creative packaging this year.

Offline marketing has become a VERY significant part of brand promotion. Research shows that customers will recognise your brand, simply from the packaging. Therefore, it is essential for packaging to convey your message and persona across to your buyer. However, it also crucial to transform your packaging for aesthetic purposes. This enables the customer to interact, reuse and even admire your efforts.

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But, this leads to the questions – how do I ensure my packaging is eye-catching enough?

Well, easily. Through a creative packaging design. Therefore, we have compiled together some of our favourite imaginative and innovative packaging designs. So much so, that we are sure they will make you say, “oh wow, that’s such a unique idea”! The packaging industry is highly competitive – so it is vital to stand out on the shelf. It’s time to get creatively smart.

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Our top 9 inspiring and creative packaging designs that you WON’T forget!

1. City Harvest’s Shopping Bags

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When it comes to creative packaging, this farm shop has got the right idea! When it comes to promoting healthy eating in New York, City Harvest has effectively done the job. The grocers have opted for environmentally friendly brown paper bags that features a transparent window. Cleverly, this window has been designed to replicate the shape of a stomach! Therefore, when the healthy products from the shop build up in the bag, due to the transparent section, it makes the stomach look like it is full of it’s five a day!

Ultimately, the brand’s message of healthy eating is apparent to the customer is a fun and quirky fashion. Well played City Harvest!

2. Note’s earphone packaging

So, how do you effectively promote earphones? Well, Note has certainly thought creatively. This simple yet innovative idea deserves a GRAMMY for making what could be a mundane package into something much more enjoyable.

The brand chose to display their product in the shape of a musical note – clever hey! The simplistic design will defiantly leave a long-lasting impression with any customer.

Screen Shot 2019 01 28 at 09.35.24

3. Teabag Hangers

Screen Shot 2019 01 28 at 09.34.51

You might think teabags are not the most exciting product. But think again. One company has ensured people don’t forget their name, and advertised their product in a very quirky manner.

This creative packaging not only offers the customer interactivity but also a reusable packaging. Unlike regular teabag packaging, the box no longer needs to be thrown away, nor wasted.

4. Kleenex Tissues

It may be one of the world’s most recognised tissue brands, but even they understand that sometimes a brand needs a creative packaging design to keep customers engaged.

With numerous, simple designs, the marketing team behind Kleenex have let customers pick a tissue box to reflect their personality. Take a look at just some of them in the picture to the right!

Rather than a standard blue and green or even grey tissue box Kleenex usually offers, the colourful design means adults and kids will reach for the tissues.

Screen Shot 2019 01 28 at 09.36.50

5. Trident Chewing Gum

Screen Shot 2019 01 28 at 09.40.04

How do you put together attractive packaging for chewing gum? Well, Trident is leaving a minty fresh impression by transforming it’s products into ‘teeth’. By filling a transparent window of the box with the image of a smile, as you take gum pieces away, the smile ‘loses teeth’! This is a great interactive and memorable packaging success from Trident – you can’t help but smile.

6. Ford’s matchboxes

So, how do you promote your new car model that features a cargo bed that is perfect for carrying timber? Simple. Create a box that looks like the car is carrying ‘logs’.

Well, maybe not actual logs. Ford cleverly integrated one of its car models in with matchbox, so when a user pulls the box out, it looks like they are unloading the vehicle. We have to say; this idea deserves a pat on the back!

Screen Shot 2019 01 30 at 15.43.52

7. Spaghetti Hairstyles

Screen Shot 2019 01 28 at 09.40.51

Everyone has different texture hair. From curly, straight to backcombed. So, very cleverly, this pasta company has jumped on this idea for their comical packaging.

This brands’ packaging includes a transparent window which makes room for the shaped pasta to give the illusion that the person on the box has gorgeously stylised hair.

This is undoubtedly a winning idea that is guaranteed to make their product stand out on the supermarket shelves.

8. Bigger and Butter

Numerous brands will produce packaging and expect it to be recycled or thrown away. But how about designing a package that is useful even after it’s opened?

Well, this butter provider managed to do just that. They decided to shape the lid of the box like a knife, allowing users to spread their butter ‘on the go.’ This method is practical, plus saves you some washing up! Who doesn’t love that!

Screen Shot 2019 01 30 at 15.49.51

9. Whitebites

Screen Shot 2019 01 28 at 09.43.03

Everyone loves dogs, so how do you make your packaging for pet treats irresistible to people too? Use the sticks to make comical smiles for dogs, of course!

This pet food company had a great thought when it came to packaging their Whitebites treats, instantly making them stand out on the shelves in a very competitive market.

So, if these insanely creative packaging designs haven’t caught your eye – then we don’t know what will! Now it is more important than ever to be seen. The world is full of packaging and people are becoming more and more creative in advertising their brand. So, it is time to think outside the box.

If you are selling your products locally or even nationwide, you need to sell your packaging too. It’s human nature that we are attracted to pretty and unique objects, that’s why yours needs to be.

Eastpac is specialist providers of packaging and boxes, and we have learned the fundamentals of great personalisation. New and existing customers come to us daily looking for inspiration and designs printed onto their packaging before delivery. So, if you have no idea where to start with your customised and creative packaging, then allow our team to help. Get in touch with Eastpac.