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What Is ‘Plastic Packaging Waste’? What Do We Do About It?

By 23/10/2020No Comments

Plastic packaging waste has become an issue, but what are businesses doing?

We’ve been seeing it everywhere, from McDonald’s banning plastic straws to Glastonbury refusing to sell plastic packaging and water bottles – what is this all about?

Recently, studies, documentaries and reports have shown an increase in plastic pollution across the world including in our seas and urban residencies. Microplastics have been detected in the deepest of waters, demonstrating how alarming the plastic packaging waste issue really is.

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But this is all from a public viewpoint, what do our businesses think?

Fast-food chains and large supermarkets across the globe are researching ways to deliver their products by eliminating the need for single-use plastics. Sainsbury’s is a notorious participator; removing plastic bags form bananas and wrapping them together with their own banana leaves.

However, despite all our efforts – will it necessary if not impossible to replace plastic altogether? Humanity has relied on plastic since 1960, especially for pharmaceutical products, food and drink packaging and basic day-to-day equipment.

Produce Wrapped in Banana Leaves Perfect Homes Chiang Mai

Notorious businesses are trying to reduce plastic-use however removing the material completely is not yet accomplishable. Plastic stops contaminants from entering foods keep them fresh and preserve the longevity of fashion products.

Nike is a good example; they have made newer trainers out of ocean plastic (plastic harvested from the ocean) however they still continue to use the material for their shopping bags.

Instead of reducing plastic, we should be focusing on recycling.

Here at Eastpac, we provide biodegradable and recyclable packaging solutions to assist with the management of plastic use.

However, statements from many businesses and researchers show that there is no practical replacement for plastic at this moment in time. Plastic is still in high demand for hospitals, manufacturers and food suppliers, therefore, we can yet hope to remove plastic from the world completely.

The World Economics Forum published a graph which shows the significant increase in plastic production from 1950 to 2014 and that’s not even showing us the last few years.

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Carlsberg has ditched the plastic rings and decided to use a recyclable plastic film, preventing the plastic packaging waste from ending up in the bin.

Therefore, how we should approach the plastic problem is by re-using and recycling. Currently, there’s no alternative for plastic in some instances, therefore the best next option is to start being considerate with waste.

Households and businesses should start considering using recyclable products and packaging rather than investing in non-biodegradable plastics. Not only will reusable plastic help the environment it will also magnify your reputation and make you more favourable to the general public.

Eastpac is a consistent supplier of eco-friendly products, including biodegradable boxes, plastics and support packaging. We aim to contribute towards improving a business’ efficiency, providing eco-friendly packaging solutions where possible.

So, How Are Businesses Continuing To Approach This Situation?

Many businesses are beginning to invest in recyclable and multiple use plastics, however many still need prompting. The public is currently panicking at the viral videos of sea life caught up in plastic, the facts about microplastics in baby food – the list goes on.

However, the facts are that we are a long-way off from tackling plastic. That’s why we all need to consider using recyclable plastic rather than single-use plastics.

It’s a hard transition to make when you’re used to what you know, however it may just be the next best thing for your business if you become non-biodegrade plastic-free. Eastpac can help assist you with optimising your warehouse, suggesting the best packaging to use and ensuring that you don’t overstock on materials.

We can also help provide eco-friendly packaging including recyclable plastics. If you need help or would like to inquire about making your business more efficient, get in touch today and make the change.

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