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Agile Workplace

We have helped numerous businesses increase their efficiency and save money through our Agile Workspace Solutions. So, take a look at our collection of Agile Case Studies.

Award-Winning Schoolwear Distributor

Warehouse and Showroom Optimisation

Another one of our successful agile case studies began when Eastpac advised and analysed an award-winning schoolwear distributor current systems and processes and discovered areas for improvements. Although they were already operating with 3 packing benches, peak demand was still not being met. Therefore, we altered certain areas, layouts and equipment. Our recommendations have resulted in an effectively structured workspace process. Not only that but they are now also experiencing enhanced systems to maximise opportunities, reduce the need for additional equipment and increased overall storage capacity by 55%.

“I calculate that the first-year payback alone will be over 200% of time costs saved through increases in efficiency of space and time. For me, it’s about how the personal service and ideas have made a massive impact on our efficiency…”

Agile Workplace

Popular Designer Homeware brand

E-commerce Operation Enhancement

The Senior Manager of a popular homeware brand came to us asking to conduct a site survey of their existing pack and dispatch operations. We discussed, explored and evaluated their entire warehouse and subsequently indicated how we could streamline their workflow. So, we repositioned different stages and reconfigured their packing benched to improve efficiency. Overall, these improvements have eliminated the backlog during peak season, resulting in all goods dispatching on time – without the need for parcels to being upgraded on the courier system. Therefore, we have successfully maximised efficiency with our agile solutions.

“We were missing our same day despatch targets meaning we had to upgrade parcels on the courier service. But, by implementing Smart Practice, all our goods now leave on time, in full…”

Leading Chocolate and Confectionery Retailer

High-Street And E-Commerce Optimisation

Management of a leading chocolate and confectionery retailer engaged agile workstation due to their reliance on excessive, costly and temporary labour usage during peak seasons. But, with our diagnostic process, we engaged with all staff to provide permanent resolutions. The newly completed system has calculated reduced temporary labour by 68% while increasing throughput by 18%. We continue to offer developments and improvement consultations to help enhance their workflow.

“Before engaging Eastpac’s agile workspace solutions, we had a heavy reliance on excessive, costly, temporary labour usage during peak season. But this has since changed…”

Agile Workspace offers a diagnostic process that identifies areas for improvement but also clarifies your opportunities. Our specialists pinpoint where efficiencies can be made, leading to reductions in waste, work time and bottlenecks. Overall increasing your bottom line profits and workflow. So, if you're looking to improve your business, contact Eastpac today to speak to one of our specialists.

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