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What is an Agile Workplace? What do we actually mean by Agile Working?

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Unsure of what we mean by an Agile Workplace? Well, let us tell you…

When people discuss agile workspaces, people often instinctively focus on flexible hours, hot-desking or mobile working. However, this only covers a small section of this strategy and provides a limited understanding of what we mean by an agile workplace!

There is no doubting the interest that various professional groups and management gurus have in the term ‘agile’. But we have discovered to a lot of confusion around what exactly is an agile workspace.

Consequently, even though it is hugely beneficial, people are missing out. This is a result of confusing, technically wordy explanations. So, we are here to provide a simple, clear definition.

agile workplace

So, what does the term ‘agile workplace’ actually mean?

In short, agile is all about developing and implementing organised working tactics to increase productivity and reduce costs. It is as simple as that.

Study after study has linked methodology to productivity, with researchers arguing that changes to a workspace can increase efficiency. Therefore, workspaces began to take advantage of these results and introduced ‘agile working’. This newly coined term encompasses the process of changing work practices, deploying new technologies and creating new working environments all to create the best working environment.

Agile working ultimately focuses on the mantra that work is an activity, not a place. You wouldn’t play a game of football knowing something is going to hinder you – so why allow it in the workplace?

Therefore, the time, place, flexibility of a task all need to be considered. If the performance and outcomes of your work or business’ operation are not what it should be – elements should be changed.

So, to summarise, what we mean by an agile workplace is successfully transforming your workspace, so it becomes the most efficient it can be.

See, that definition wasn’t so confusing, was it?

Agile Workplace

So, now you know what it means to work agile, how can you transform your workspace?

Well, becoming agile isn’t as simple as buying new technology and investing in modern workspaces. There is much more to it. From analysing processes, managing connectivity right through to monitoring outcomes. So, why not let Eastpac help you?

Overall, we aim to empower and support people to aid them in maximising their output to deliver the best value to the organisation. We believe that an agile workplace helps bring people, practices, technology, time and place together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working.

Agile Workplace

Our agile workspace solutions have helped businesses not just be agile, but also think agile

Numerous businesses have sought after our agile workspace solutions. An example of a successful agile case study is our warehouse optimisation with a leading chocolate and confectionery distributor.

Eastpac advised and analysed their current systems and processes and discovered numerous areas for improvements. Although highly successful, during peak seasons, demands were not being met; therefore, the business became reliant on excessive, costly temporary staff.

Consequently, we altered these areas as well as engaged with all staff members to provide permanent solutions.

The results, well, it’s safe to say their business is experiencing substantial benefits. The newly completed system has reduced temporary labour by 68%. Plus, increasing throughput by 20%. To this day, we continue to offer developments and improvement consultations to help enhance their workflow.

Just like the leading chocolate and confectionery distributor has come to realise, there are numerous benefits to optimising your workspace – but we’ll save that for another blog

Agile Workplace

Begin the process of becoming more agile today with Eastpac

The reason the term ‘agile workplace’ is difficult to pin down to a simple explanation is that it is not prescriptive. There is no one size fits all. Of course, there are common themes but is essentially individual. However, even though this term can mean different things to people, it is a fundamental organisational competence.

The goal of agile working is to create a responsive, efficient and effective process based on a more balanced, innovative and productive team of individuals.

We hope we have helped clarify agile workplaces as well as signifying the importance of implementing this strategy into your business. If you’re interested in enhancing your workplace – contact our specialists today.