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Air Packaging – What Is It?

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Whether it be a fancy bottle of wine or the latest high-tech smartphone, it is sure to be protected by the ‘new kid in town’

Yes, Air Packaging is the newest member of the shipping protection family, and it has undoubtedly made an impact.

When it comes to protecting items and filling voids in packages, there are several types of packaging material for you to choose from. While the likes of packaging peanut were once the “go-to” item of choice, more businesses are turning towards the eco-friendly alternative.

The lightweight, cost-effective and protective packaging material is perfect for cushioning fragile goods during transit. However, many businesses are failing to take advantage of this multiple purpose product – so we are here to shout about it!

Here at Eastpac, we stock an extensive range of air packaging and e-commerce transit products. So, could your business benefit from using air packaging? Well, Amazon has made the move, doesn’t that say it all?

So, What Actually Is Air Packaging?

Essentially, Air Packaging is a pillow of filmed air that is inflated to various sizes. Even though they sound simple, they are highly effective. This packaging material offers an innovative protective solution that takes up less storage space and saves money.

Furthermore, the e-commerce giant Amazon has led by example and made the switch to air pillows. Thanks to their ease of use and low cost, Amazon has found the move remarkably successful.

Plus, this change by Amazon has to lead to multiple consumers helping the packaging material grow in popularity. No longer do consumers get frustrated with over-complex, bulky and difficult open packaging. Instead, customers discover products that haven’t shifted, remains in the middle of the package and in perfect condition!

Air Packaging
Top 4 Cost Savings Of Air Packaging

While it hasn’t been on the market as long as other packaging protection, air packaging has quickly become a popular choice in all industries. But, is it not just businesses that love it, customers also prefer it too. It is not as messy and easier to dispose of. Handy right?

With all that in mind, we have listed our top 5 reasons why you should choose air packaging over other packaging material, and how it could benefit your business.

Our 5 Key Benefits

1. Protected Products

As a business, it is only natural to seek continuous improvement. Consequently, factors such as damages during transit are one of the first to be reviewed. Air packaging offers the perfect solution, providing the ultimate protection.

Unlike with bubble wrap, packaging peanuts and paper fill, the product is unable to move within its box. Even with less material involved! Goods are braced away from the edges of the rigid outer packaging and surrounded by a comfy “cushion”.

Impacts during transit and rough handling are one of the biggest causes of customer complaints. This, of course, takes money out of your pockets, while adding costs and stress to the entire distribution process. So doesn’t it make sense to have a product that will eliminate all that? Well, air packaging can do just that.

damaged packaging

2. Cost Reduction

One of the first questions you probably asked was “will air packaging save on overall costs?” Well, the inflatable packaging is made up of 99% air! Therefore, they weigh virtually nothing!

Air pillows are lightweight and add practically 0 additional weight to your shipment. Ideal right?

3. Convenience

More often than not, air packaging is filled (inflated) on demand. Therefore, they require less floor space in your warehouse!

Furthermore, as a result of air pillows being available in different sizes and not necessarily needing to be filled to full inflation. You will be able to customise each product’s protection easily. This reduces the need for multiple layers of packaging protection.

4. Ease Of Use

Each roll is perforated between each pillow so they are easy to tear apart for quick filling. We understand that reducing waste is an essential factor in every business, and air packaging can unquestionably contribute to this.

But, air packaging isn’t just easy for the distributor. Customers will appreciate a smooth opening experience, along with less mess and easy disposable. Packaging peanuts are messy and thanks to static electricity stick to EVERYTHING! But, we can assure you that air pillows are extremely easy to clean up.

Additionally, here at Eastpac, there is the option of air-packaged bags! But more on those later…

Air Packaging

5. Eco-Friendly Alternative

Packaging peanuts and Styrofoam materials that are made of various dyes are, in most cases, not recyclable. In fact, many disposal companies won’t even accept packaging peanuts! This is a result of the complexity of disposal and their harmful effects on the environment.

However, air packaging is very efficient for disposal. Made of HDPE film, a recyclable material, it causes minimal impact on the environment compared to other packaging alternatives.

So, Could Air Packaging Benefit You?

Overall, when it comes to packaging needs, the air kind is an ideal choice for void fill. They are cost-effective, easy to implement and excellent for product protection.

But, most importantly, for a business, air packaging, you can save on many costs. From logistic and transport to handling and storage costs – this material can help you save money.

So, if you’re a business wanting to improve the unboxing experience, or find an alternative to your current packaging protection – let Eastpac help.

Our newest packaging range – Securapac – has been created with e-commerce traders in mind. Including multiple transit packing products, one of our most successful and popular is Ribtec. AKA air packaging.

Air Packaging - Ribtec

Ribtec offers you all the benefits of air packaging. This packaging is ideal as a buffer to prevent a hard impact. Available in a wide range of sizes, Ribtec is effective with all different types of product delivery.

But if you’re not convinced, check out our videos below of our Ribtec air packaging in action – we guarantee you will be impressed!

So, if you would like more information on the products we offer, contact our team today!