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Why Is Automation Technology Important in The Workplace?

By 24/03/2020No Comments

How Could Automation Technology Help Your Business?

We often talk about automation technology. But, one of the most common question we get asked about automation is how this technology impacts business growth? Does it make sense to adopt an agile workspace? Well, this real-world example may help explain the answer.

Take the social media platform, Facebook. On here you can upload images of you and your friends. If you have ever done so, you will notice that Facebook cleverly suggests the names of the people in the photo. Clever right? Well, this is automation, and this form of technology plays a similar role in businesses.

We understand that one of the biggest concerns in business is the rising costs and finding ways to combat increases in expenditures. However, there are ways to keep your business sustainable and ensure a healthy bottom line, one of these is through automation, particularly in the packaging sector with packaging automation processes.

Packaging automation essentially uses machinery at various stages of the process such as filling and sealing boxes, wrapping and labelling machines and even coding and strapping products. Through these efforts, businesses can expect to see how their packaging process offer a respectable return on investment!

Overall, most businesses have some idea about what automation entails, but not as many know the importance of embracing this technology. But, what companies need to do is find the benefits of becoming more agile, and one of the best ways to do this is through automated packaging machinery and automating the packaging process.

So, we have listed our top 5 benefits of implementing automation technology in your company and why knowing the benefits of why agile technology can benefit your company’s business growth.

Automation Technology

So, what are the Top 5 benefits to Automation Technology?

1. Lower Costs

One of the most significant benefits of automation technology is the reduction in costs.

Businesses will know that labour-intensive processes can be expensive but also fluctuating. Ultimately, this makes it hard to calculate a budget and work out the cost per product. However, automated packaging solutions are standardised, generally with a fixed price for the machine and the amount of packaging per product can be calculated easily.

Therefore, by reducing the labour requirements, businesses can find uses for skilled staff in value-adding areas within the company. This, in turn, then urges employers to move away from “cheap labour” and towards skilled workers and automated technology.

Overall, automation offers businesses an intelligent approach to cost containment and reduction by eliminating the (on average) 71% of the total cost of a company spent on temporary staff!

2. Increased Productivity

Generally, automated packaging machinery will process goods much faster than manual methods. Some machines can even wrap hundreds of items within minutes. With this automation, companies can drastically increase productivity to develop a faster production line.

Essentially, you can achieve more in less amount of time. While automation technology frees up time, staff can complete more sustainable jobs. Therefore, this leads to better use of employee skills! But, also means business require less of a workforce to get the same amount of job done.

Packaging Downtime

3.  Safer Working Conditions

More often than not, around the workplace, there are items which are cumbersome, heavy and bulky. This, of course, can be a risk for health and safety with there being a chance of injury and costly time off work.

4. Precise Quality

With automated packaging, there is a level of certainty regarding the protection of the packaging due to a standardised packaging process. Each product has tailored packaging design and shape. Therefore, with automation technology, you can have peace of mind that every package is well protected. The same level of care has gone into each item. Plus, the same amount of stock is used each time.

Furthermore, automation operations ensure that jobs are not forgotten or run out of sequence. Also prerequisite jobs are completed successfully, that the input data is correct, and that any special processing is performed.

Automation technology packaging checks

5. Reduce Waste

Currently, one of the most significant movements is climate change and saving the planet for future generations. Therefore, another benefit of automation is the environmental impacts of reduced waste. As the machine will only use a set amount of materials, the machine will throw and produce less waste.

Not only can this method save a business a considerable amount in packaging costs, by reducing the quantity of waste and streamlining the types of packaging you need to avoid over-ordering of various materials.

For more information about our Agile Working, and how to enhance your workplace with automation technology, get in touch with us at Eastpac and speak with a specialist today.