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The Benefits Of Custom Printed Retail Packaging

By 13/01/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

Ever since the simple carrier bag was first introduced into the world of retail, it has presented businesses with a huge chance to be savvy with the marketing of their brand and advertising. As a shop it is your first priority to get your brand in front of your target audience and with printed retail packaging this is possible.

Here at Eastpac Group we have a selection of printed retail packaging options for retail customers, such as high quality laminated bags, vest carrier bags, gift boxes, ribbon, twisted handle paper carrier bags, recycled and recyclable bags and polythene fashion carrier bags. All of these types of custom printed retail packaging will help you become a recognised brand in your local shopping centre or high street.

But what are the two main benefits of custom printed retail packaging?

With printed retail packaging you can Give Your Brand Staying Power because a single carrier bag has been proven to have a far greater brand penetration than a 3 minute advert on television. Once the advert has finished airing, that is it – but after the carrier bag has been given to your customer it will be used time and time again by then, or even given to a friend and passed around; especially is the carrier bag is of high quality.

We all know loyal customers are important to a business, they will spread the word about your shop, business and brand up and down the high street and throughout the shopping centre on a busy day just by holding your carrier bag. Your customers become Your Brand Ambassadors as they are associating themselves with your brand by being seen to have made a purchase from your store. Customers love something quirky and creative so if you can be creative and clever with your printed retail packaging you will be able to create a brand ambassador that will show off your branding on a bag time and time again.

If you would like to strengthen your brand, making your brand work hard for your business and be more visible to your target audience then speak to us about our beautiful, high quality printed retail packaging.