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What To Look For When Choosing The Best Pallet Wrap For You Business

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Choosing the best pallet wrap for your business is crucial

Pallet wrap has been in use since the 1970s by a wide variety of companies. Otherwise known as stretch film, the stretchable polythene is ideal for securing packaging loads and preventing accidental damage, scuffs, weather deterioration and more. 

But, one of the common questions we get asked is what the best pallet wrap for my business is? Therefore, we have compiled together some of the factors to consider when choosing stretch film for your operation. 

Stretch Wrapping

What is stretch film?

Often confused with shrink wrap – pallet wrap, is a highly elastic and flexible plastic film, commonly made from LLDPE (linear low-density polyethene).  

The tension of the plastic wrap after application ensures the contents in a pallet is sturdy during transit. Items will remain together and won’t break apart. Regardless if you are using pallet wrap as protection from external factors or eliminating loss of products, stretch wrap can suite a wide range of functionality.


How do I choose the best pallet wrap for my business? 


Depending on the usage and the load you are securing, the strength and stretch properties will differ. Therefore, there are three steps which will determine which pallet wrap is perfect for your operation. 

Step 1: What Are You Securing?
Square Boxes:

These are identified as an “A” class loads, which are evenly shaped and fit onto a standard pallet very well. Square and even loads need an elastic pallet wrap, with a more “sticky” static material which will cling to the flat, even edges of the boxes. 


Uneven Boxes:

“B” class pallet loads require a very elastic pallet wrap, but with more strength and thickness and high tear resistance. This is due to the tight corners and irregular edges which may rip or tear the pallet wrap in transit, and even when applying in some cases. If you have mostly “B” type loads, we recommend choosing a more durable stretch wrap, and applying at maximum stretch, as this improves the load stability.


Very Uneven:

This is the “C” arena, where nothing is consistent. Only a few boxes are similar, and most are a different shape, size, length and even weight. Companies who have these types of loads often need custom pallet sizes and also need experienced staff to know how to wrap a “C” class pallet to avoid damage when it’s travelling to its destination.

Step 2: Current Usage

Your current usage can be easily estimated using your last order, and when you are looking to buy more. You can then work out from your CRM or similar software how many pallets you have shipped out, and this can give you the metres of wrap used per pallet.

However, more often than not, businesses will choose poor quality pallet wrap. Even though this may save you money in the short term, in the long term wastage of extra wrap, and poor wrapping qualities will cause increased expenditure across the business. In more detail, here is why opting for low quality stretch wrap can negatively affect your business.

1: Wrap Layers:

Firstly, cheap or inferior quality pallet wrap will require more wraps around the pallet. This is because the wrap (when stretched) narrows up, and the dispensing width of the wrap is then thinner than the roll, reducing coverage. This is called “neckdown”. To minimise this, the wrap needs to have a rolled edge to it, which will stop the “neckdown.”

2: Overlapping:

econd, using a poor quality wrap means the elastic stretch properties are inconsistent. Each layer is not well attached to the one below, and therefore more wrap and a bigger overlap is needed for it to work well.

3: Application:

Finally, when applying a cheaper wrap, it may look like it has stretched well, and even secured the pallet load well, but once the pallet has ridden its journey; the wrap becomes loose due to stretching and causes instability, product damages and breakages. To solve this, choose a wrap which has a stretch “memory” this means that when the film is applied to the pallet load at maximum strength, the material has a memory that tries to return to its original thickness. This means that when the pallet arrives, the wrap will still be very tight, and the load will be very secure, with the risk of damages and instability dramatically reduced.

Pallet Wrap
Step 3: Supplier Features

There are many suppliers out there, but here are a few key features to look for in a pallet wrap supplier:

Fast & reasonably priced delivery service

Considerate & reliable customer service

Proven customer care and consideration

Offers a wide range of other packaging products

Clearly leading the industry with their knowledge and experience in packaging solutions

The truly revolutionary pallet wrap

With so many options on the market, it can hand film or machine film is most suitable for your business. However, here at Eastpac, we offer a revolutionary stretch film dispenser – GRIPfilm.
This innovative machine works alongside our self-gripping pallet wrap to help you reduce plastic usage by 40%. No longer will employees spend time on wrapping goods. With our GRIPfilm – products can be ready for transit in no time at all.

GRIPfilm is in use by SMEs, nationwide businesses and Global Shippers around the world from Australia to America. Therefore, you would be saving time, waste and money with every roll you use. The fact that GRIPfilm can be run clean to the core has saved numerous of our clients on average 10% of their annual pallet wrap spend, not to mention the fact that the core can be recycled as clean cardboard without being contaminated with waste plastic. But, you don’t have to take our word for it!


“It’s one of those products you think you don’t need, but once you start using it there’s no way you’re going back!” (Michael, Distribution Hub Manager) 


Furthermore, as we believe in GRIPfilm’s unique film properties, we are offering customers a refundable 14-day trial. If you decide within two weeks that GRIPfilm isn’t the right product for you, that’s no problem! All you have to do is return the applicator, and we’ll refund you the cost of the eight rolls.
Therefore, if a stretch wrap system will enhance your workflow, get in touch. Our specialists can chat with you about your process and suggest the best solution.