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Why Is Bigger Not Always Better When It Comes To Packaging?

By 06/03/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

Here at Eastpac we pride ourselves on offering high quality packaging at great value prices, the packaging we provide to our clients will protect their goods during transportation and in turn make our client look like a reputable and reliable company to their customer.

While bigger may mean better when it comes to some things in life (especially desserts and similar treats), this is not always the case when it comes to packaging, bigger is not always better when it comes to the boxes and packaging you choose to send products and orders to your customers.

While putting too many items into one box can cause damage to the goods or even damage the box so the goods are also damaged, leaving your customer with a tatty delivery from the postman and a useless product that will leave a bad taste in their mouth when they think of ordering from you in the future, a large box for smaller items is just as bad.

If you put something into a box that is way too big then there is lots of movement for the item during delivery and transportation, it is this additional movement that can result in products getting damaged before they arrive with the customer. For example, a beautiful glass vase is only useful to the customer if it arrives in one piece with no chips or cracks.

It has been reported that the average amount of a cardboard box that is used for packaging that is never used is 40%, bigger really isn’t always better when it comes to delivering products in a way your customers deserve.

Some companies choose to use up this extra space by filling the 40% space with packing peanuts, plastic and Styrofoam and while these are great for protecting items, you definitely shouldn’t be using these packaging materials to fill nearly half of the cardboard box. A small amount of these protective packaging materials should be used to offer additional protecting for the box, not to fill large empty spaces in a box.

If you need help with the packaging in your business then why not give us a call, not only can we supply high quality packaging materials at great value prices but we can also offer a consultancy service to get your packaging department in order.