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Boost Your Customer Experience By Preventing Damages

By 03/09/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

A recent report known as the IMRG 2016 Home Delivery Review reported that 59% of customers are receiving damaged goods when they order on line and 40% of these customers feel this is down to poor packaging.

If you have taken the time (and money) to target your customers and they finally order from you and the product is damaged on delivery you risk losing this customer and all the hard work and money you have put in to getting them interested in your brand in the first place; a damaged product detracts from the excellent customer experience you are trying to create and it costs you money too!

We have seen many examples where our clients have used inflatable packaging, called Securapac and this has really helped reduced damaged products and returns, which are commonly known as the two biggest hidden costs in the packaging industry.

The great thing about inflatable packaging like Securapac is that it has been designed to protect fragile and breakable goods, it is only 2% film and the other 98% air which means it is packaging that can be fully recycled and it is lightweight too so you won’t need to add cost onto the order due to heavier packaging.

Another benefit of inflatable packaging like Securapac is that it is much more space saving than more traditional protective packaging as it is supplied flat and therefore does not need a lot of space in your warehouse or building and can help reduce your storage costs too.

Our clients have been really impressed at how cost-effective our inflatable packaging has been for their business and products, how much less damage is caused to their products and there has been a noticeable reduction in their returned damaged products too.

It has also been stated that our inflatable packaging gives a more professional impression and shows that the company cares about the product and the customer as they are going the extra mile to ensure the customer is happy with a product that arrives with them as good as new.

Would you like to find out more about how Securapac and inflatable packaging can help your business reduce damaged and improve the customer experience?