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Can E-Commerce Packaging Increase Your Sales?

By 17/12/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

Did you know that research has found that using e-commerce packaging is proven to increase sales, whereas poor packaging is proven to lose a business those essential sales? When you see statistics and reports like this you suddenly realise how important good quality e-commerce packaging is; if you didn’t realise already that is!

This means if you are an e-commerce business and have to deliver packaged goods, your business could quickly fail if you don’t get your packaging right.

Reports show that 33% of customers think that a business is unprofessional if they receive a poorly packaged delivery, the packaging is damaged or if the packaging is plain and boring with no branding – which really goes to show how important custom packaging could be for your business; it would certainly help impress 33% of your customers.

Research also shows us that 50% of consumers are likely to refuse delivery of a package is the outer packaging is damaged or of poor quality. It is this poor packaging that results in some major costs for businesses as they have to pay for the product to be returned, re-packaged and delivered again; which clearly makes no economical sense.

Your packaging is where you can educate your customer on who you are and what you stand for; covering things like values and your brand as well as the personality and voice of your business to allow your customers to really connect with your business and what you are about.

When you get the e-commerce packaging right then your brand and selling messages are far more likely to be retained, remembered and recognised by your customer and this is what will lead to those all important repeat sales.

If you are looking for help, advice or guidance on your e-commerce packaging, inside and out, then we are the packaging specialists for you. We know packaging, inside and out, so we can make sure that your deliveries look great from the outside and the product is well protected on the inside.

Call our friendly team to find out more.