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Can You Help Prevent Package Theft?

By 05/08/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

Reports from the USA have estimated that in 2015 around 23 million Americans had packages stolen from their doorsteps and this number is on the rise; but what can be done about package theft and does it really affect your business?

Worryingly the data from the reports showed that 61% of those Americans that had packages stolen from their doorsteps blamed the online retailer they were buying from for the theft of their package while 58% felt that shipping companies are doing what they can to prevent package theft.

So in answer to the earlier question, yes – this is something that affects your business as many of your customers are blaming you when their package is stolen from the doorstep; almost 8 in every 10 of your customers that have a package stolen from their doorstep will blame you – so what can you do to help your customers?

The report showed that the top 5 things retailers can do to prevent packages being stolen from their doorsteps is as follows;

  • 33% felt that the location of the box after arriving with them was what had tempted the theft, so if you deliver the packages yourself consider where the packages are left.
  • 31% felt that branded packaging was often the cause of package theft, so consider if having your brand on the packaging could make the package more attractive in the eyes of a thief.
  • 20% felt that having descriptive text of the products inside the box written on the packaging of the box also made it tempting for the thief to steal their package.
  • 13% felt that the size of the box was often was attracted the thief to their package
  • 3% felt that the shape of the box was attractive to the thief and therefore encouraged them to steal the package.

The survey also asked customers what they felt retailers could do to prevent package theft and these are the most common responses and ideas;

  • 29% felt that discreet packaging would help prevent package theft
  • 18% felt that if the retailer offered to ship it to a secure location for collection this would help prevent package theft
  • 16% felt that offering package theft insurance would help prevent package theft
  • 9% felt that tracking boxes with GPS would help prevent package theft
  • 5% felt that different sized packaging would help prevent package theft if the box clearly indicated what could be inside
  • And just .5% felt that if a signature was required for the package then this would prevent package theft


How has this research made you rethink your packaging?