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How To Choose The Best Pallet Wrap Supplier in Peterborough

By 04/05/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

If you’re looking for pallet wrap in Peterborough then you’ve come to the right place; we are pallet wrap specialists that offer high quality, great value pallet wrap in Peterborough – but we can deliver it all over the UK. This means that even if you’re not based in Peterborough you can still receive our amazing products and excellent levels of customer service.

In this article we would like to talk to you about how to find the best pallet wrap supplier for your needs; sadly not everyone is as focused on great quality products and excellent levels of customer satisfaction as the team here at Eastpac are.

We know that purchasing pallet wrap can often feel like a minefield as there are so many different companies out there offering different standards of products at different prices so we would recommend that the first thing you do is speak to a few different pallet wrap suppliers. Take the time to explain your needs and requirements to them and ask for their recommendations and a quote.

While quality and price are important it is also important that you get on with the people you speak with and follow that gut feeling because this could be a long-term business relationship.

You need to speak to the pallet wrap supplier about the nature of your load; is the load heavy or light, stable or unstable? Do you use strapping or layer pads and are your products in a uniformed order or not? An efficient pallet wrap supplier will also want to know if you stack our products to be wrapped in a brick stack or column stack as this means they can recommend the best pallet wrap for your needs.

You also need to tell the pallet wrap supplier the film you need and the main reason the film is used; for example is it to secure items during transit or is it to protect the contents. If you are currently using a pallet wrap you need to decide if the current wrap is fulfilling its needs or if it needs upgrading to a more expensive product that will secure loads or protect products.

The pallet wrap supplier will need to know if you wrap pallets by hand or with a machine and if so which machine you use, how much control you have over the wrap pattern and if the tension and pre-stretch can be adjusted. By having these sorts of details to hand you can rest assured that you will be provided with the best pallet wrap for your needs.

Pallet wrapping is a complex business but when you choose the right supplier you will have the peace of mind that you’ll get the right pallet wrap at the right price to suit all your needs and requirements.