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Posting non-fragile goods? Choose Mailing Sacks.

By 21/11/2018November 29th, 2018No Comments

Here’s why a mailing sack is

your most efficient packaging choice.

When you decide to post your smaller goods, it can be quite a challenge to determine how you plan to do this. We know what materials to use to transport fragile products, but what about the durable products?

There are many benefits to choosing a mailing sack for protection of your non-fragile goods. Within this blog, we will be discussing the exact reasons why you should be using polythene mailing bags.

You wouldn’t think that there’d be much to say about mailing sacks, they pretty much do what it says on the tin. However, when it comes to keeping goods safe, it’s always good to find out more on the packaging you’re using.  

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Waterproof and 'Burst' proof

The good thing about mailing sacks is their ability to repel water, keeping your goods dry during transfer. This benefit is suitable for soft and porous products that you wish to post.

Additionally, our mailing sacks are ‘burst’ proof. This new advancement in packaging prevents the material from ‘popping’ during the posting process. This will keep your goods safe and secure and prevent exposure to moist conditions.

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The easy to handle properties allow you to manoeuvre bulk loads of mailing sacks easily. A mailing bag adds barely any weight to a product and will enable you to post durable goods without adding weight

The lightweight material also means you can store your mailing sacks with ease, using minimal warehouse space and labour.

Strong and Flexible

Some of the most obvious factors about mailing sacks is their robust and reliable benefits. If you want to make sure that your product reaches your recipient in good condition, mailing sacks are ideal.

The flexibility of a mailing bag allows you to transfer a range of products in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can use the mail sack packaging again and again for many various reasons.

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Various options

You can purchase mailing sacks in quantities of up to 1,000, and you can find many different kinds to suit your requirements. Mailing sacks are also available in many different sizes; this allows you to post all sorts of durable products.

During the transfer, your goods are kept waterproof and clean.

Why are mailing sacks good packaging for posting non-fragile products?

This packaging is an ideal alternative for a returns envelope. Mailing sacks can have double seals, allowing the receiver to send the product if there is a need to do so.

Surprisingly, some polythene mailings sacks are, in a way, environmentally–friendly.

Although the material is still plastic, no additional packaging is required to protect the product. You can also use card material to add volume if need be.

If you want to help the environment and your expenditure, we recommend mailing sacks. They are high in quality yet cost-effective when it comes to posting non-fragile goods.

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We understand you want the best packaging for your products, so if it’s durable – put it in a mailing sack.

When the peak season for sales arrives for the E-commerce industry, this is when you should consider stocking up on mailing sacks. This packaging is ideal for rush hour deliveries and is useful where volume throughput is everything.

Mailing sacks are one of the easiest and efficient postal packaging methods to choose, and they will save you time and hassle when it comes posting your goods.

Whether a start-up business or a large company, mailing sacks are great for all kinds of purposes. Inexpensive, durable and space-saving, how could you possibly go wrong with having mailing sacks in your warehouse?

Mailing sacks are popular and practical for both domestic and industrial users. If you have goods, which are durable, there’s no harm in posting them in a mailing sack as you can guarantee a safe and clean journey from the initial post to arrival with the recipient.

Are you looking for mailing sacks?

Eastpac is happy to be able to provide high-quality mailing sacks in a range of sizes, to help suit all kinds of needs. We are devoted to providing excellent customer service and an even more impressive product quality.

Get your mailing sack order today:

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