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What could consignment packaging do for your business?

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Our unique service could be the solution for your business’ needs. 

At Eastpac, we take great pride in offering an efficient service known as consignment packaging. As our business has continued to grow, we considered the idea very useful for our clients.

Consignment packaging would benefit our new and even existing clients by improving the productivity of their workplace. However, we will get into the details of this service throughout our blog.


Business owners, this is for you:

If you’re a corporation, which uses many different packaging products, then our consignment packaging service will be right down your street. We combine this independent service with our stock check system. The combination of the two assistive services will help your business in more than one way.

 What is consignment packaging?

Retailers or industrial businesses that use packaging on the daily are the clients who would make use of our consignment service. We keep on top of your material needs, providing consistent reports on what you need or may need soon and stocking your shelves before you run out.

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Eastpac directly manages your packaging requirements, managing your deliveries, increasing your workplace performance and taking care of surplus stock. We choose to offer this service as we aim to maintain a genuine working relationship between our clients. Our team understand the struggles of keeping onto of your stock reports, so we will look after this stress for you, and professionally.

Increased productivity in your place of work

Since all of the packaging materials you need are ready and waiting at your command, you can see a dramatic rise in productivity. There is no need for your workers to stop and start their tasks. Instead, we’ll deal with the orders, deliveries and collections.

Packaging Downtime

Reduced need for stockpiling

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Since there will be no need to spend money on stockpiling packaging materials, you can simply rely on us to store all of your material for you and deliver it on time and when you need.

You can focus on other business needs

We’ll be sorting out your packaging needs, so why do you need to worry about them anymore? The extra time will allow you to complete other tasks that are important for your business. Our professionals will be taking care of your packaging needs, so this leaves you with the time to do other important jobs.

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 Allows for manageable deliveries 

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Due to the fact that we will be working with, we’ll be in charge of delivering the types of packaging your company needs before you run out. Instead of bringing ‘bits and pieces’ here and there, we offer a well-managed service that covers you and your employee’s needs.

Increase space

As we will be storing your materials, this will provide you with a lot more space in your workplace. Our team will deliver the material as of when you need it, saving the need to leave packaging lying around your workplace. A spacious workplace will increase the productivity of your workplace and give you access to new equipment.

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Do you now think consignment packaging would help you?

Whether you’re a start-up or an industrial enterprise, our consignment packaging services are designed to tailor all different kinds of needs. We understand that every business is different, that is why we adapt to work around your deadlines and expectations.

Packaging is important to multiple industries, whether it’s food, medicinal products or drinks – packaging is compulsory. Since we specialise in all things packaging – we have maintained a devoted consignment packaging service. This useful service has never failed our clients.

You may still have many questions regarding the service and how it works, and that’s where we can provide you with even more information. Everything we do here at Eastpac is to ensure 100% satisfaction with all of our clients, as what would we be if we didn’t?

Consignment packaging is a revolutionary approach towards making your business operations run smoother and much more effectively. You won’t have to worry about your packaging deliveries or stock reports any longer. Instead, you can leave this duty down to us, and we’ll keep on top of everything packaging.