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Could Anti-Fatigue Matting Improve Your Bottom Line?

By 17/07/2018July 23rd, 2018No Comments

Could Anti-Fatigue Mats Improve Your Bottom Line?

Anti-fatigue matting is growing in popularity as businesses owners realise how important it is to look after their staff. Good business owners know that the success of their business is down to their employees. When looked after well they will work harder for the business.

An anti-fatigue mat is a way of showing your employees you care while improving work productivity and reducing days off. While saving real money for your business.

While an anti-fatigue mat is not a magic pill to cure all concerns. It will reduce the impact on various parts of the body such as feet, legs, hips and knees. These areas are often negatively affected by long periods of standing. Whereas an anti-fatigue mat can improve circulation and soften the pressure on your employees’ joints and muscles.

When your workers are in pain from work, they may feel that they can’t return to work the next day, or need time off to recover. Anti-fatigue mats can reduce the impact and resulting pain. This will result in less time off to recover. Giving your employees an anti-fatigue mat will help them leave work in as good of shape as they arrived at work in.

Much research has shown that concrete floors cause the most discomfort when they are being stood on for prolonged periods of time. By taking an anonymous poll you can see which of your workers severely suffer from aches and pains at work. Or you can look at productivity levels of employees from when they joined to the level they are at now. Then bring in anti-fatigue mats and check the poll and productivity levels again.

Occupational Health and Safety reported that “When used properly, anti-fatigue matting provides an overall healthier work environment, fostering enhanced worker productivity”.

By taking care of your employees with anti-fatigue matting you are showing your employees that you care. While doing something that is good for your business’ bottom line. Overtime you will see a rise in productivity, a drop in sick days and absence, as well as an overall morale boost within your workplace.

Contact our friendly team directly to find out more about how our anti-fatigue matting could help your bottom line.