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Mailing Bags made from paper: what benefits to they have?

Paper Mailing Bags can impact your dispatch operation in a number of different ways. Being made completely of paper, Discoverer mailing bags are much more environmentally friendly than polythene mailers.

In the current marketplace, it’s also important to think about your customer’s perception of your company. Using natural products such as paper will help them to see that you care about the environment, and are acting responsibly.

Enhanced Perception

Your customers are likely to have a better opinion of your company if they can see that you are responsible and considerate for what is important to them. Discoverer Paper Mailing bags are certified Carbon Neutral.

Environmentally Friendly

Discoverer Paper Mailers are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and has much less impact on the environment that polythene mailing bags. Boost your credentials by reducing the amount of plastic waste you generate!

Double Sealing Strip

Discoverer Paper mailing bags have a double sealing strip, which means that it’s easy for the customer to reseal the bag for returns. This means that any unwanted products are much more likely to arrive back in a re-sellable condition.

What is available in the Discoverer range?

The Discoverer range include both mailing bags and padded envelopes.

Paper Mailing Bags are suitable for operations that currently use polythene mailing bags, such as clothing companies or high volume distribution of flat, flexible items.

Paper Padded Envelopes are more suitable for sending items that require protection, such as sample-work, documentation or even certain fragile items such as giftware. Discoverer Paper Padded Envelopes are made from 100% paper, with no polythene or bubblewrap involved.

Discoverer Paper Mailing Bags

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