Dry Cleaning Packaging

Are you searching for dry cleaning packaging that protects garments? Eastpac can supply.

Here at Eastpac, we understand that as a dry cleaner, keeping your customer’s clothes clean and fresh is essential. That is why we have taken special care to design dry cleaning products that of high quality.

Additionally, we recognise that dry cleaning services are often used for more delicate fabrics. Customers trust you with their clothing, from their best suits to even their wedding dress. These garments regularly hold sentimental value. Therefore, they should be treated with care.

Shirts on wooden hangers in dry cleaning packaging

Our packaging, such as garment covers, are made of only the sturdiest and protective materials to ensure not a single speck of dust will the freshly washed items of clothing.

Additionally, we don’t just offer covers. Eastpac also provides dry cleaners with an extensive range of popular dry cleaning packaging products such as boxes, tapes and hangers. Making it easier for you to meet, and exceed your customer’s expectations.

Reliable and efficient supplier of garment covers

Also, we hold large quantities of dry cleaning products – all ready to be delivered to dry cleaners all over the country. We can help you meet the demands of your business but offering our next day delivery service. Not only that, but Eastpac can ship nationwide and even across Europe.

Furthermore, as dry cleaners, you will remain loyal to what products work best – whether that is a particular washing agent or specific laundry equipment. Here at Eastpac, we want to become your dry cleaning packaging supplier. We will be loyal to you, ensuring your packaging products are always delivered on time and of the highest quality.

Take a look at our full range of dry cleaning packaging:

Polythene Bags
Wet Strength Laundry Rolls
Indelible Ink Ribbons
Garment Covers
Carrier Bags
Dustpic Lint Rollers
Wedding Dress Boxes

If you’re a dry cleaner and have been searching for packaging that also protects garments and ensures their condition – Eastpac are the suppliers for you.

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