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How does online shopping affect packaging design?

By 05/09/2019October 10th, 2019No Comments

Does your e-commerce packaging matter for online shoppers? YES!

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, shoppers have never been more informed! Consumers can now look up as much information as they want before making a purchase. So much so, a staggering 37% of people use their smartphone while browsing a store to take pictures of products they plan to look up online! But, the question is, what does this imply for e-commerce packaging design?

E-commerce Packaging Affecting Shoppers

It is fair to say that online business and e-commerce have been transformed over the past decade. The results of the rise of spending money online, means both small and large business have had to adapt to a new packaging environment. Fast!

While people pay significant attention to the online shopping experience, one aspect that often falls to the wayside is the way the final product is packaged and sent to the customer. Many brands ask themselves the question; does e-commerce packaging matter for online shopping? It’s definitely an essential query, and one worth exploring…

Online Shopping Is An Experience; So Make E-Commerce Packaging Part Of It

In short, e-commerce packaging designs matters. From start to finish, brands must create a positive experience to retain customer loyalty. Packaging design is the finished product the consumer receives and therefore caps off their encounter with your brand. Consequently, the packaging design needs to be carefully considered.

By using techniques such as innovative, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing packaging, you can offer a fresh way to connect with customers and express your brand. It also demonstrates that your business pays attention to them and the little details.

Ultimately a strong brand boosts traffic to your website. If your brand values chimes with the values of retailers, they are more inclined to buy from you. So, technically, your business’ foot is in the door before they have even met you!

E-commerce Packaging
E commerce Packaging

Plus, the statistics don’t lie. Findings demonstrate that 52% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase from an online retailer when orders included premium e-commerce packaging.

Furthermore, more proof is being discovered to reinforce this idea. Research states that nearly 4 out of 10 consumers would share an image of a delivery via social media if it came in a unique package.

Therefore, packaging can signify quality. When it comes to expensive purchases, packaging can influence our initial perception of the value of the investment and hence, our overall impression of the product. Packaging can also send a range of other messages to the consumer. Whether than be fun and creative, environmental awareness or place of origin. Regardless, it is still very much about standing out from the competition!

Packaging Shouldn’t Centre On Branding – Consider The Products Safety…

Air Packaging - Ribtec

A significant factor to consider is the safety and condition of the product. Nobody wants to receive a delivery that turns out to be broken and un-useable. That is why is it vital to consider the whole transportation journey. Whatever the entire journey entails, your e-commerce packaging should protect the goods inside.

This is where Eastpac can help. We can ensure you can have unique, attractive packaging that guarantees the safety of your products with our Securapac range.

Created with e-commerce traders in mind, our Securapac transit packaging offers the latest innovations in transit packing. Our extensive range of materials offers full protection of your products and prevents any damages and breakages.

One of our most successful Securapac products is Ribtec. This protective e-commerce packaging will prevent the bruising and breakage of your products in transit. Reliable as well as sustainable, the industrial material is ideal as a buffer to avoid hard impact. We stock a wide range of sizes and formats so regardless of your product(s), you can guarantee they arrive with your customer, on time and undamaged.

E-commerce Packaging Is Key, So Let Us Help

It is clear e-commerce packaging design DEFINITELY matters for online shopping. Not only does it ensures your business is standing out from the crowd in this crowded retail landscape. But packaging design also vital for industrial companies to ensure condition remains perfect.

So, if you are looking to enhance the appeal of your e-commerce packaging for your business’ online shoppers, get in touch! Our experts can ensure customer remember you as well as your packaging.

E-commerce Packaging