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Reduce plastic use in your pallet packaging with our eco-friendly solutions

By 27/07/2021August 13th, 2021No Comments

Reduce plastic use in your pallet packaging with our eco-friendly solutions

With the UK Plastic Packaging Tax set to take effect in April 2022, and with environmental sustainability high on the agenda, Eastpac has solutions to help.

Perhaps you’re reading this blog post as a business owner who’s working to meet the increased demands brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic or working within the distribution sector, looking to engage a packaging specialist who can help to make your pallet packaging more eco-friendly, ahead of the new tax being introduced.

Pallet packaging is one of the packaging applications we offer.

As a leading company in the UK’s packaging market, we offer quality-assured pallet packaging materials and tools. We believe that our eco-friendly products can help your business prepare for the new tax but also help your business demonstrate to customers a regard for the environment.

The state of the pallet market and the need for an eco-friendly approach

The pallet market is big business. The value of the global pallet market size in 2020 was a little over $78 billion and is set to rise to over $110 billion by 2027!

As a business, getting products to your customers on time and intact is what it’s about. However, a focus on sustainability is now critical for many consumers when it comes to their purchasing decisions. Research shows (from a survey conducted in March 2021) that 28% of UK consumers have claimed to have stopped purchasing from certain brands/buying certain products due to ethical or sustainability-related concerns.

The research also found that 61% of consumers claimed to have limited their use of single-use plastic.

These findings show that a commitment to sustainability is likely to be a key factor in the success of your business now and in the future; whether packaging your products or working in distribution directly.

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Our eco-friendly offerings for pallet packaging

The following three products can help you carry out your pallet packaging in a more environmentally friendly fashion.

Paper Strapping is a great plastic alternative, which is compatible with friction welders, and both semi and fully automatic machines. The only caveat with paper strapping is that it only has a breaking strain of 55KG so can only be used to secure lighter loads safely. As this technology advances, we hope to be able to provide a stronger solution that is also 100% recyclable!

GRIPfilm uses 40% less plastic than conventional pallet wrap, perfect for reducing your business’ plastic waste. You can learn more about the benefits of GRIPfilm here.

Our attitude to an eco-friendly future extends beyond just plastic alternatives. Our Anglepost for packaging also helps to support environmental sustainability through the lesser usage of paper. Made from PVA bonded kraft edge boards, the product protects the corners of large and palletised goods from strapping and low-impact damage.

Ready to take action to make your pallent packaging eco-friendly?

We hope this post has served as a useful reminder about the UK Plastic Packaging Tax and has given you an understanding of how our products can help your business meet its sustainability commitments specifically for pallet packaging.

To get started with our pallet packaging products, speak to one of our knowledgeable packaging specialists on 01733 233 322 or email us at You can also reach us via our contact form.

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