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Less is more! How To Use Packaging Effectively

By 07/06/2019October 10th, 2019No Comments

In a waste-conscious world, it is more important than ever to use packaging more effectively. And here’s how…

In today’s society, a positive move towards effective packaging, ensuring sustainability, can be seen. Businesses are becoming environmentally conscious, and changes are being made. However, there is still a long way to go.

As a result, you may have heard the mantra ‘less is more’. But, within the packaging world, it has greater meaning than you may have realised. Effective packaging is key to moving towards sustainability and seeing a reduction in excessive waste.

Nevertheless, we understand that creating packaging or boxing up your goods is challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, in our blog, we will be enlightening people on how to ensure you AVOID excessive material and become more effective in regards to your packaging.

Excessive Packaging = Unnecessary Waste

One simple, yet effective way to begin to package your products effectively is reducing your excessive materials.

There is no doubt about it; companies are slowly but surely making a move to more minimalist, yet efficient packaging design. Well, is it any wonder with social media making it easier to call out companies for disastrous overuse of materials?

We have all observed excessive packaging and its silliness. More often than not receiving a small item in a large cardboard box! Which is sometimes inside another box! Hence our mantra, less is certainly more!

Effective Packaging and Poor Packaging
Effective Packaging

By merely acting considerately and carefully, you can easily create effective packaging for your products. Instead of boxes within boxes – like a pass the parcel game – have different sized boxes for different sized products. This simple change will reduce the need for excessive packaging and contributes to growing more sustainable.

Additionally, another way to reduce excessive materials is to consider reusable materials. It’s all well and good, using less packaging to become more effective; however, you need to ensure all your methods are not excessive.

For example, your product may be packed in little to no wrapping, but by wrapping it another layer of plastic – is this considering excessive materials?

A brilliant example of this was PUMA’s campaign in which they introduced its ‘Clever Little Bag’ – an attractive, reusable red shoe bag used to package its footwear. The red bag, that was given to every customer with their shoe purchase,  helped PUMA reduce its paper consumption by 65% and a further estimated 60% reduction in water, energy and diesel consumption within a year! We can certainly say they have used their packaging effectively!

Effective Packaging

Is excessive packaging really that bad?

Here at Eastpac, we understand the most common reason for excessive packaging is the need to protect the goods inside. However, wasted space within packaging results in the usage of excess materials. Of course, you can recycle your boxes! But, this doesn’t diminish the fact that numerous trees may have been chopped down for its construction. Not to mention other elements used throughout the process of making the box.

Therefore, you should use every chance to eliminate excessive materials.

Effective Packaging

Is there anything else I can do to use packaging more effectively?

man in yellow shirt packing containers in

Many packaging producers don’t consider the space inside of the packaging, leaving behind valuable empty space. Of course, some products require fillers to keep them stable during delivery; therefore, it’s more than crucial that carefully plan your product’s packaging.

To get the most out of your packaging, not only must you think about the security of your packaging, but also need to ensure that you effectively store the product. From transit to retailers, to the customer, to on the shelves at home – your packaging should be carefully considered.

So, what benefits could effective packaging bring to my business?

By being more considerate, you could reap numerous benefits. One, which will affect your now – as well as in the future – is the environmental factors. With reduced excessive materials, manufacturers need fewer resources to build and craft your packaging supplies.

This means you are a step closer to sustainable business packaging and help contribute to climate neutral packaging.

Furthermore, this will provide you with many economic perks. Space costs money, so by minimising it, you’ll soon see pounds back in your account. Ultimately, be reducing empty space and excessive resources, you can save money for other matters.

Save money and contribute to a cleaner environment by becoming packaging aware.

So, did you want to make your business’s more packaging effective? Want to reduce the quantity of excess materials you use? Well, Eastpac can help. With our assistance, you can begin to use your packaging effectively and reap multiple benefits.

Get in touch with Eastpac today for more information about how we can guide you.