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Four Ways Printed Retail Bags Can Benefit Your Business

By 27/06/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

Printed retail bags can be hugely beneficial to businesses and there are different ways in which they can benefit; dependant on the business, the industry and how the printed carrier bags are used. In this blog post we have put together the top four ways in which printed retail bags can benefit businesses all over the UK.

Printed Retail Bags as Gifts

If you are attending a business exhibition or trade show, printed retail bags full of goodies can be a really good way to promote your business. Not only will you create brand awareness but it will also encourage the receiver of the printed bag to connect with you further by visiting your website or shop in the future.

Sell a Printed Bag for Life

Instead of just having the standard 5p carrier bags in your store, why not offer a bag for life. As a better quality printed retail bag the customer is more likely to use it time and time again and will allow your customer to put your brand in front of more and more people, including friends, family and colleagues that may have similar interests or tastes and therefore would be likely customers for your business.

Introduce a Range Of Reusable Printed Bags

By creating designer reusable bags as an additional product for sale can really help benefit your product range. You are giving your customer a choice of a 5p bag, a 10p bag for life or a canvas bag that they can put all their other shopping in while still promoting your business and brand, but in a cool way that is not so salesy; Primark do this in an excellent way and have some extremely popular designs that still include their logo and branding.

Use Printed Promotional Bags to Raise Awareness

If your business is partnered with a charity or worthy cause you can promote this on your printed carrier bags as a way to not only raise awareness but also to raise additional funds for the charity or cause. You could place charity messages onto the printed retail bags or offer printed tote bags with some of the money or the profits going to the charity, with your branding still on the bag to show you support the charity.


If you would like to view our range of printed retail packaging please click here, or feel free to contact us directly for a brochure of our printed retail packaging. We look forward to helping your business reap the benefits of printed retail packaging.