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Get Customers Coming Back For More Because Of Your Packaging

By 02/12/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

Research shows that customers of ecommerce packages want to feel loved and to receive a positive shopping experience but surely this research is stating the obvious; doesn’t everyone want to feel loved and made to feel special?

Of course you feel happy when you receive your order on time and it isn’t damaged; but how hard is it to take that experience to the next level so that customer feels special when they open their package from you?

In this blog post we are going to talk about exactly that; creating a positive shopping experience and excellent customer experience from start to finish to support customer retention and increase your brand awareness;

Make Your Packaging Personal

Something like a message from your brand inside the packaging can make the receiver feel really special because it is something that is unexpected. In can be something as simple as ‘Thank you’ or ‘Enjoy’; maybe even a positive message or a compliment – whatever you choose should be something the receiver does not expect and therefore makes them feel loved by your brand.

Go That Extra Mile

When we say mile, we mean a few inches if we are honest; we are talking about making the inside of the packaging that little bit more special. You could use tissue paper with colours to match your brand or the product and have personalised tape or stickers gently holding the tissue paper around your product, therefore enhancing the customer experience and making the customer feel like they are really getting something quite special.

Protect It Superbly

There is no point having a beautiful packaging experience on the inside if the product is damaged or the package arrives crumpled ripped or damaged so make sure you offer a superior level of protection for your products; not only will this make the customer feel special but it will reduce your costs in damages and returns too.

Be Open To New Packaging Solutions

The latest packaging solution we have here at Eastpac is our inflatable packaging, it is light weight, looks great, takes up minimal storage space and cost effective but it is also incredible at protecting your products and subsequently your brand.