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An innovative Palletwrap solution for Modern Distribution and Supply Chains

Thanks to unique film properties, GRIPfilm could be the easiest manual palletwrap system in the market. The applicator weighs just 800g, which makes it the lightest available, and reduces changeover downtime by over 40% from conventional applicators! Aside from this, Gripfilm has several unique properties that make it an extremely effective successor to conventional hand-applied film.

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Sticks to any

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Steel Surface

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Compare Gripfilm with conventional palletwrap

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Secure Base Connection

The Grip skid plate lets you get right down to the base of the pallet, ensuring a secure connection between the load and the pallet every time.

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Walk forwards, upright

The Grip applicator allows you to walk forwards, so you can see obstructions, and upright, which removes the risk of back injury.

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Even Wrapping cycles

Gripfilm reduces neck-down, meaning you get a more consistent covering and use less material per pallet. The self-gripping film means you don't need to stretch the film around the pallet.

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Longer Rolls

Each roll of Gripfilm holds 480 metres of film, compared to the average 300 metres on a conventional roll.

A stronger film

Despite appearances, a unique film construction allows you to get a stronger connection between pallets and loads whilst using up to 40% less plastic.

Reduce plastic waste

Gripfilm can reduce plastic usage by up to 40%, but the unique roll protection and applicator features prevent damage and premature disposal, saving you another 15-20% of plastic waste.

Reduced Injuries

Gripfilm is kinder on the body and much more ergonomic that conventional Palletwrap. Our clients have reduced back and hand injuries through using it.

Listen to Luke Sanders explain the health and safety benefits of Gripfilm

Environmentally Friendly

Gripfilm uses 40% less plastic than conventional palletwrap. This allows you to reduce the amount of plastic waste that you generate as a company.

Listen to Steve Gallagher explain how Gripfilm benefited one of the UK’s largest supply chain companies

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Self-tightening Film

Gripfilm is able to retain it’s shape when stretched by pallet movement in transit. This means the wrap stays tight during the journey, and reduces spilled loads.

Listen to Matt Shiston explain why he recommends Gripfilm for supply chains

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It's a great system, and the increased length and efficiency of the rolls makes complete sense to us!

BruceCompany Manager

This product is just so good! We don't need to re-order [so often] as the film lasts far longer!

GrahamDistribution Manager

I'm impressed how something so simple can be so effective.

ThomasCompany Director

It's one of those products that you think you don't need, but once you start using it there's no way you're going back!

MichaelDistribution Hub Manager

This product is the real deal.

SteveDistribution Centre Manager