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Using GRIPfilm, warehouses and distribution centres across the country are saving time, money and reducing plastic wastage every day.


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Replacing the conventional pallet wrapper

It’s More Convenient

Lightweight and portable, this applicator is revolutionary – You can carry it with you, or place them at strategic locations around the warehouse.

It’s Faster

Quicker than a conventional pallet wrapping machine, this applicator tool saves the wasted time transporting pallets to and from a static turntable, whilst ensuring the quality isn’t compromised.

It’s Cheaper

Dramatically less upfront cost compared to a turntable wrapping machine, with far more benefits and reducing your ongoing material cost.

What our clients say

“I’m impressed how something so simple can be so effective”

Operations Manager

3PC Logistics & Storage

“Once you start using it, there’s no way you’re going back”

Operations Manager

Boughey Distribution

Introducing: The GRIPfilm Palletwrapper

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