If you Sell online, you need

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An Innovative Mailing Bag system for eCommerce and Fulfilment centres

With a unique mailing bag dispenser system, Gripmailer makes it easy and fast to despatch your online orders efficiently. The handy organiser allows you to keep your workbench clean and tidy, whilst increasing your throughput speed.


for higher security and strength


For higher process speed


For efficient loading

  1. Fix the Dispenser to the desk
partially open
2. Load the Gripmailer bags
locate onto pins
3. Place the Item in the best-sized bag
fill bag
4. tear off the bag and seal it
tear off bag

Get the Right bag, every time

Bag sizes

320 x 455 + 40mm

Bag size 2

360 x 555 + 40mm

Bag size 3

465 x 655 + 40mm

Bag size 4

550 x 720 + 40mm

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