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Is Handmade The Latest Trend In Packaging?

By 02/06/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

We all saw the growth in popularity of adult colouring books towards the back end of 2015; the intricate and detailed patterns and scenes encouraged adults to take time out and reconnect with their creative side while de-stressing and relaxing by having nothing to think about but the next colour they would choose for their work of art.

On from this people were keen to get involved in more arts and crafts and they enjoyed that feeling of total relaxation while they stepped away from the hustle and bustle of daily life; taking time out for themselves and creating beautiful things they were proud to show off to others.

This then lead to a growing interest and a growth in popularity for authentic and honest brands with consumers gravitating to products that felt crafty, handmade and small-batch; even if they were being purchased from the larger companies and big corporations.

But how does this affect you, your business and your brand?

This means that more business are opting for and leaning towards packaging designs with handwriting style fonts or art that looks hand-drawn across the packaging. Brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes are giving consumers what they want in 2017 and it is working.

Some of the more impressive e-commerce packaging we have seen is a series of linked and intricate labels throughout the packaging from outside to inside, or through packaging over the months that tells a story of the brand or keeps customers engaged. One example of this is the McCafe range from McDonalds; their coffee cups welcomed in spring by changing the navy blue paper cups to spring colours of yellow, green and blue with the handwriting font style that stated ‘Hello Spring’.

As we have touched on before, it is these little touches that help customers feel more connected to the brand and engaged with the business, but it also brings a smile to their faces and this is what can get them sharing a photo of your packaging on social media and promoting your brand and products for you.