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How Does Stretch Wrap Work?

By 12/06/2020June 22nd, 2022No Comments

How does Stretch Wrapping work, and why should I be using it? 

You may have heard of stretch wrap, or one of it’s any other names such as cling film, pallet wrap or even Gripfilm – but can you be sure of what it does?

Many businesses have often heard of the phrase ‘stretch wrap”, but not necessarily know what it even is or what it does. Therefore, they are missing out on a revolutionary product! Yes, we know what you’re thinking, we are going to be biased, but the numerous benefits of stretch wrapping speak for themselves. From reducing packaging times all the way through to increasing efficiency, pallet wrap is undoubtedly a product which helps your business become highly efficient.

But first, to understand how stretch wrap works, we have to know WHY we stretch wrap pallets and items in storage in the first place.

Stretch Wrapping

So why do businesses use Stretch Wrap?

Stretch wrap is a highly stretchable film, typically made from liniar, low-density polythene plastic. Consequently, making it ideal for e-commerce traders.

There are numerous reasons why we use pallet wrap. But one of the primary motivations is ensuring items are prepared for transport, shipment and storage. Preventing products from becoming damaged is crucial to getting loads from their point of origin to their destination in “as-made” condition. Stretch wrapping allows e-commerce businesses to deliver goods without the fear of them becoming damaged – in the most cost-effective way.

Why stretch wrapping works is its ability to prevent items from moving and shifting during transportation. Damages during transit are the number one cause for customer complaints with e-commerce traders. However, to eliminate this risk, stretch wrap offers a level of protection that increases the likelihood that items will arrive with customers in perfect condition. As a result of this enhanced protection, businesses can expect to see lower returns and refunds but an increase in customer satisfaction.

So what’s the difference between stretch wrap and shrink wrap?

You may be thinking, aren’t stretch wrap and shrink wrap the same? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. One of the most popular questions we get asked is the difference between shrink wrap and stretch wrap? As a packaging material, pallet wrap is often confused with shrink wrap; however, the two are very different…

Stretch film is wrapped tightly around packages or objects to secure them together or keep them protected. Whereas, shrink wrap, is applied by first covering the item loosely; then heat is used on the shrink wrap, causing it to recoil tightly around the package.

As discussed, stretch film is typically used to hold loads together on a pallet for transit or storage and comes in a variety of speciality films. Some types of film include UV, vented or even anti-static. Whereas, shrink wrap is usually applied to protect a single product from dust or moisture. Or to tightly combine smaller items to together. It is commonly used for covering foods, such as cheese, meats and vegetables.

There are advantages to both stretch and shrink wrap, but stretch wrap is superior. The numerous benefits of stretch wrap include:

  • Protective – it secures and protects products from dust, rust, moisture and UV.
  • Cost-Effective – stretch wrap is less expensive than other types of wrapping materials.
  • Adaptable – stretch wrap has numerous films varieties to different needs, and it is even appropriate for different kinds of surfaces.
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Whereas shrink wrap benefits include:


  • Protective – this form of wrap is ideal for protecting products from dust, dirt, moisture and general weathering. Additionally, if properly applied, shrink wrap will have no issues with chafing or damage during transit or storage. Finally, shrink has the option of being ventilated, therefore reducing any damage that can occur from moisture.

That is why we actively promote stretch wrap to customers regardless of its intended application. There are typically 3 top usages for stretch wrap, all of which can enhance a business.

Stretch Wrap For Transportation 

As a result of its stretchability and adaptability, stretch film wraps around most goods – from household to commercial items in various sizes. That is why it is often used to cover objects for packaging purposes. E-commerce traders can use it to wrap products or boxes together on a pallet, securing them against each other in preparation for whatever the journey entails.

Protection & Storage Stretch Wrap 

As we know, if applied correctly, the stretch film protects products from moisture, dust and dirt. But, if you are using UV speciality film, it can protect items from sun damage. Consequently, warehouses often use pallet wrap to ensure products and goods do not become damaged before they are shipped to customers.

Wrapping Personal Goods

Due to its clinging properties, stretch wrap remains secure around objects, making it perfect for wrapping personal items that you want to keep clean and safe. Therefore, as you may have seen, stretch wrap is ideal for wrapping priceless items such as comic books. Furthermore, as the stretch film is transparent, you can get creative when gift-wrapping presents such as fruit baskets or meat, cheese and wine crates!

Let Us Introduce You To GRIPfilm

Here at Eastpac, we offer a revolutionary stretch film dispenser – GRIPfilm. This innovative machine works alongside our self-gripping pallet wrap to help you reduce plastic usage by 40%. No longer will employees spend time on wrapping goods. With our GRIPfilm – products can be ready for transit in no time at all.

GRIPfilm is in use by SMEs, nationwide businesses and Global Shippers around the world from Australia to America. Therefore, you would be saving time, waste and money with every roll you use. The fact that GRIPfilm can be run clean to the core has saved numerous of our clients on average 10% of their annual pallet wrap spend, not to mention the fact that the core can be recycled as clean cardboard without being contaminated with waste plastic. But, you don’t have to take our word for it!


“It’s one of those products you think you don’t need, but once you start using it there’s no way you’re going back!” (Michael, Distribution Hub Manager) 


“It’s a great system, and the increased length and efficiency of the rolls makes complete sense to us! (Bruce, Company Manager)


 Furthermore, as we believe in GRIPfilm’s unique film properties, we are offering customers a refundable 14-day trial. If you decide within two weeks that GRIPfilm isn’t the right product for you, that’s no problem! All you have to do is return the applicator, and we’ll refund you the cost of the 8 rolls.

Therefore, if a stretch wrap system will enhance your workflow, get in touch. Our specialists can chat with you about your process and suggest the best solution.