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As a local packaging business in Peterborough we are very keen on supporting businesses in our local area, so we have put together some tops tips for local retailers to help them bag more profit this festive season – and some of the ideas are really simple!

Less Is More When It Comes To Packaging

You don’t need one box of every size so each product firs perfectly; instead look at the most popular orders and choose the right sized boxes, then use protective packaging to protect the products in the boxes. You can then use tissue paper and ribbons to jazz up the boxes and these can be colour coded to match the products or the needs of the customer.

Clearly Marked Price Points

You are the owner of your business and you know your customer better than anyone else. Look at how much is spent on Christmas gifts on average; create a Christmas Hamper with high quality packaging to create something beautiful and charge it at slightly more than the normal customer spends. Display the price clearly and if you have done the packaging right the customer will be happy to spend that little bit more.

Be Online and Offline

Just because the customer has walked into your store it does not mean they will purchase off you today; clearly display your website address and social media accounts in store but on your packaging too so if a customer does purchase from you they know where to go if they need something else and don’t fancy going out in the Christmas rush or cold and wet weather.

Order Value Incentives

You can create order incentives based on order value in store and on your website; research shows that 70% of customers are looking for bargains and special offers when Christmas shopping so let’s give them one! Something like 10% off when you spend over £50 could get your customer spending that little bit extra in your store instead of the store of a competitor. Or how about a free gift wrapping service when a certain amount is spent; the packaging is relatively cheap to your business, but the customer is willing to spend more money for it.

The team here at Eastpac Group wish you the very best of successes this Christmas season; if there is anything we can do to help just ask.