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Improve Your Bottom Line With Branded Retail Packaging

By 06/02/2018March 8th, 2018No Comments

Improve Your Bottom Line With Branded Retail Packaging

February is a good time to look back over 2017, look at what you have achieved and how far you have come before looking at ways to improve during the year. Many businesses in the retail industry spend January playing catch-up on ‘admin things’ that were missed during a busy December, and staying busy in January with January sales.

Now it is February, you can slow down and work on the business by reviewing where your business is at and where you want the business to be at.
There are many different strategies that business owners consider, but have you considered custom branded retail packaging as a way to improve your bottom line? It’s not a new marketing technique but printed retail packaging has been proven to help businesses boost their bottom line with this small investment.

Although old research, a 2003 marketing study found that packaging reminds the customer of the quality of their purchase and therefore plays a role in customer satisfaction. Seeing branded retail packaging also reminds a customer of their previous purchase which influences brand loyalty and is likely to remind them to come back into your store and purchase from you again.

Custom printed retail packaging can serve as a powerful advertising tool for your business and a marketing tool that has incredible mileage; each customer uses your carrier bag on that day of shopping and shows your brand off to other shoppers, but if it is a good quality carrier bag they’ll use it time and time again, continuing to promote your brand and business for you.

Successful and effective retail packaging needs to be well thought out with a clever design; you need to have your business logo, brand colours and a slogan, if possible include your contact details for online, telephone or even social media so other shoppers can find out more about you.
The shopping bags you offer your customers shouldn’t be thought of as shopping bags; instead you should think of your retail packaging as walking billboards that are building awareness and increasing word of mouth for your business, every time they are used!

If you’d like to know more about our retail packaging services then why not call our friendly customer service team now; we’d be happy to help you achieve more business with the help of retail packaging.