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Increases in Customers Shopping Online Again

By 02/01/2018March 2nd, 2018No Comments

Increases in Customers Shopping Online Again

Shopping online is on the increase again. A report from the British Retail Consortium revealed that nearly 25% of all non-food purchases were completed online. Experts feel that this is because online shopping is convenient, quick and easy. It is a solution to those people that are too busy to go to the shops but still need to make purchases.

According to Statista, it was expected that eCommerce sales in the UK would reach £76.41billion in 2018. This is £5.66 billion more than last year!
While online shopping makes life easier for many consumers across the UK, it has created some new challenges for retail companies and online retailers so we have put together some top suggestions to help you succeed in 2018 as an online retailer.

We all know that packaging plays a vital role in the protection of your products, but it can also be a really good tool for enhancing the experience of your customer too. A packaging company recently announced the results of their survey which found positive customer feedback increased by 64% when a branded packaging experience was in place.

The research also showed that around 60% of consumers believe that packaging shows them how much the business they are purchasing the product from cares about them. A well packaged delivery shows the company cares about them, a damaged box or ripped bag shows that they are not cared about by the company.

What do you think your packaging tells your customers? Do they think you care about them from the packaging?

On average, 38% of parcels had no branding on the pack and 30% of packaging does not reflect the value of the brand. Is this because businesses believe it is just a marketing phase that will soon go away?

We have seen so many examples of how personalised packaging can increase brand awareness. All you need to do is just add a logo to the outside of the box, put your company name on the packaging or pop a thank you message inside the packaging. You can also add social media icons to encourage feedback and increase engagement with your brand. These little touches are vital to building a relationship with your customer.

There are some companies that have even started sending their products to customers in scented packaging! What a great way to surprise your customer and stand out from the crowd? It’s certainly something a bit different!

If you’d like help to beat the challenges of online shopping then please feel free to contact us directly. Our friendly team would be only too happy to help.