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We know that reducing cost is always at the top of the list for warehouse professionals, but it’s also crucial that pallet wrapping is of the highest quality.

Luckily for you, the solution has arrived.

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    With speed and efficiency in mind, quickly understand the core GRIPFilm benefits:

    Increase Pallet Stability

    GRIPFilm is self-gripping wrapping material and when a warehouse operative applies it to a pallet, it automatically contracts. It's strong, stable and speedy.

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    Cash in on Savings

    Thanks to GRIPFilm’s speed, non-slip core retention and stop ‘necking’ – our clients on average SAVE 40% of storage space, transport costs, roll change time and downtime.

    Reduce the Back Pain

    The Grip Handle automatically tensions the GRIPFilm whilst wrapping which saves a warehouse operative having to manually stretch the plastic. What does this mean for you? Less material used for packaging and a reduced risk of injury for employees. Happy warehouse operatives tend to ensure there’s a happy Warehouse Manager too

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    Who Directly Benefits from GRIPfilm?

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    Warehouse Managers

    Using the GRIPfilm applicator. warehouse managers can get more out of their budget due to a decreased pallet wrapping cost. The time saved using the system also means the team is less stressed and more efficient.

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    Warehouse Operators

    Feeling stressed with the workload? Using this GRIPfilm system, you can save time and energy, making your work more enjoyable. In addition, it also means you won't get skinned knuckles from a conventional pallet wrap roll like you used to.

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    Impeccable Ltd

    Your product is just too good. We don’t need to re-order so often, as the film lasts far longer.

    Boughey Distribution

    It's one of these products you think you don't need but once you start using it, there's no way you're going back.


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    • 1 Black Roll of GRIPfilm (480 metres)
    • ​Personal 1-on-1 demo training – Worth £150
    • ​​FREE hook included for Easy Applicator Storage

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