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Knowing Your Brand And Your Customer Will Get You The Right Packaging

By 17/04/2018April 30th, 2018No Comments

Knowing Your Brand And Your Customer Will Get You The Right Packaging

Packaging is no longer all about getting your product from A (your factory or warehouse) to B (your customer); the right packaging is also an incredible touch point that will enable you to build a stronger relationship with your customer, to create an un-boxing experience and to enhance your brand awareness.

Your retail packaging can offer you a chance to get extra marketing mileage for your business and your brand, especially with the growth in social media and people keen to share exciting things. You can do this by knowing your brand and your customer, then creating packaging that suits these individual and unique needs.

Know Your Brand

If you have a well-developed brand then your first step is easier, but if you haven’t settled on a solid brand identity for your business then you need to start considering colours, fonts and styles before you start investing in retail packaging.

The last thing you want to do as a business is invest in packaging that no longer fits your brand a few weeks down the line. Make sure your brand is set and confirmed and then you can look into retail packaging.

Know Your Customer

Now you need to think about your customer and your target audience; this will greatly impact the type of experience your customer will expect when your package arrives.

For example, customers of Amazon want a no-fuss approach, they have purchased something online that is reasonably priced and is available quickly. Amazon has taken this on board and has surrounded their product with protective packaging to create a no-fuss response to packaging. The customers well priced product arrives with them quickly and unscathed and there is the Amazon logo and name so the customer knows who it is from. Amazon packaging is retail packaging in its most basic and simple form.

However, the chances are you are not Amazon so you need to consider what your customers want. Why did they purchase from you, what did they purchase and how can you exceed their expectations of the retail packaging or un-boxing experience?

If you supply handmade items then why not include a handwritten note, or opt for a style of packaging that looks and feels homemade. If you sell sweets why not include a free sweet with your logo on to keep your customers feeling ‘sweet’, or instead of stamping your brands logo on the box, why not have a branded sticker on the box to help it stand out more?

When you know your brand and you know your customer you can start selecting the best possible retail packaging and protective packaging for your business.