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Have you heard of our LEAN Implementation service? It may just be what you need.

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Want to increase productivity in the warehouse? That’s exactly what we’re here for.

LEAN Solutions peterborough

Warehouses and factories are usually fast-paced, non-stop environments. However, due to all the ‘hustle and bustle’, operational managers often turn a blind eye to the simplest solutions that could save them a whole lot of time and money. We’d like to introduce LEAN solutions, Peterborough. 

Eastpac holds these simple solutions to improved workplace productivity. After spending 25+ years familiarising with the process-heavy businesses and their storage habits, we have developed services to help utilise their approaches.

What is our proactive storage service?

Our Agile Workspace Services allows us to initiate LEAN implementation and 5S to eliminate waste and lower your expenditures.

LEAN implementation is divided into 5 steps, for businesses they are as followed:

Value: This involves discussing the ‘value’ of products and services to determine the budget of the enquirer. Here, we focus on eliminating waste, delivering the consumer the values they expect and creating a high level of profitability for your company.
Map: This involves looking at the problem-solving task, the information management task and the physical transformation task. Here we will look at the current and future state of your value stream, once completed we can then categorise waste and eliminate it.
Flow: In this step, we look at eliminating functional barriers and instead develop product-focused perspectives for your organisation.
Pull: Here we allow the customer to pull products when needed; this eliminates the need for a sales forecast.
Perfection: There is never an end to the process of reducing effort, time, space, cost and errors. After this, we return to the first step and initiate the next LEAN transformation of your business. Here we offer a product, which is ever nearer to what your customer wants.
LEAN Solutions peterborough

Save time and use Eastpac for your LEAN implementation.

Our company has approached this strategy in a unique way to optimise the benefits. We approach LEAN strategies from the two most important perspectives.

Our team will review and analyse your packaging strategy, inspecting the process for anomalies and conducting a report on how you could improve.

We understand that you have a business to run; therefore we’ll be taking care of all the backstage refinements to improve productivity that much more.

What is the 5S and why would I need it?

In larger warehouses and manufacturing environments there is a lot of space and therefore a lot of products and equipment. Eastpac focuses on sorting through your assets, evaluating the items and removing unnecessary items from the location.

What’s the purpose?

– By tidying up the workplace and sorting through materials and equipment that you need, you will be able to find products much quicker and save you time locating them.


– Removing unnecessary items reduces distraction; it also amplifies your organisational approach to work.


– When you examine the property, the optimised space will be easy to inspect and the least of your concerns.


-We keep your working environment clean and free from potential accidents by removing hazards.


Grow your business by optimising the space you have with our LEAN Solutions, available for Peterborough business.


A cleaner, more functional working environment will contribute to greater productivity and thus money. Your employees will also be more receptive and avoid distractions. Improved space and organisation will impact the performance of your business significantly. 

Keen to learn more about LEAN Implementation for your business? Feel free to get I contact and speak with our friendly professionals:


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