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A Little Air Goes A Long Way In Packaging

By 06/10/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

Many companies complain of not having enough staff for their business, not having enough space in their warehouse or having too many packaging options for the products they supply and they’re not really sure the packaging materials they do have are the best packaging materials to protect their products during delivery.

So what can businesses do to get a little breathing space and some fresh air? Well the answer is simple and it’s all around you – AIR.

While some companies feel the solution to too many packaging options is the one size fits all box for all products as it speeds up the packaging process and keeps production levels steady; this is also where the risk of damaging items on delivery is looking for likely as smaller items are left to roll around all over the place with minimal protection.

A one size fits all approach to packaging may speed up the packaging process in the warehouse but it also results amounts to a huge excess of waste, increased damaged products, packaging and complaints as well as a drain on productivity as it can take time to fill, seal and assemble the larger packaging.

So why not use air in your packaging?

Here at Eastpac we have a packaging material called SecuraPac, this is a high quality air filled packaging solution that can fill spaces in packaging as well as offer heavy duty packaging for a wide range of products; check out our paint tin dropping experiment if you don’t believe us!

SecuraPac is delivered to you flat and it is stored flat; then you just inflate it with air when you need to; this means it doesn’t take up huge amount of space in your warehouse like other packaging materials that do the same job of protecting your products for delivery.

In fact SecuraPac is rumoured to reduce your warehouse storage space by as much as 75% for some businesses and the amount of packaging materials needed to protect an item in a box is reduced by 50% without any further risk of damage being added.

If you want to find out how a little air can go a long way in packaging then give us a call; we would be happy to show you exactly what we mean.