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Make Your Ecommerce Packaging First Class

By 21/02/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

All successful ecommerce companies know that the customer experience doesn’t end when the customer has placed their order, and it’s not even when they receive their item either, so you need to make sure that your ecommerce packaging is first class to add to the excellent customer experience that your customer receives.

In this blog post we would like to share some top ways that you can offer a first class level of ecommerce packaging for your customers;

Firstly, why not consider recycled packaging? This is very common among image conscious clothes shops and designers because it looks good and shows you are being environmentally responsible but it can also work out cheaper too – which is a brilliant additional bonus when you’re also saving the world!

You can also use your ecommerce packaging to share a promotion – doesn’t everyone love a good promotion, bargain or discount? By treating those loyal customers with a special code you are encouraging someone who already loves what you do to come back and get more. These discount codes on packaging will also help you stand out from the crowd by exceeding customer expectations which is essential in an every growing marketplace full of competition. Some businesses enclose vouchers or codes to be used by a friend which gets the customer and a friend discount on a future order, helping you gain a new customer as well as repeat business from an existing customer.

In the current world of ‘everything digital’ a handwritten note is a lovely surprise and quite a treat, so why not try finding ways to personalise the orders with a personalised message, a little note with a free gift or something that just makes the letter less like a machine processed document, but some more ‘brand authentic’. This could then end up on social media too and be a little bit of additional marketing for your business and brand!

Another great idea is to make the effort to ask for feedback, its okay to ask how they get on or what they thought and this feedback can really make a positive difference to your business too. You will be showing a willingness to hear the customer’s thoughts and it is essential that you respond to the feedback too, so the customer feels that they have been listened to and perhaps the changes have been made too.

Whenever you are dealing with packaging just keep in mind that this is an extension of your brand and by getting it right you could gain repeat business, more brand awareness and perhaps more sales for your business.