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How To Make Your Promotional Custom Printed Bags Stand Out

By 16/01/2018March 2nd, 2018No Comments

How To Make Your Promotional Custom Printed Bags Stand Out

Promotional custom printed bags are a fantastic addition at a business fair or exhibition when you are promoting your business and offerings. They’re great for handing out goodies and treats on the high street but they are also a nice ‘special touch’ as a gift to customers when they purchase in store from you.

But how can you make your promotional custom printed bag stand out from the crowd?

Here at Eastpac we understand that our clients sometimes want to give their custom something really special and this is certainly something we can help with. We can create a custom printed retail bag that shows of the branding of the client and represents the business in the best way possible.
The design possibilities for your printed retail bags really are endless because they are custom printed retail bags, designed around your business and brand. You can have a set colour with just your logo, you could have a patterned print in your brand colours or we could cover the bag in your logo for example.

We can even print on the inside of your custom retail carrier bags if you’re looking to go that step further?

If a plain dark colour is the way you want to go for your printed retail carrier bags it doesn’t mean it needs to blend into the background. In fact we can jazz up what could be a very simple design with an embossed or foil blocked logo. Just think how fancy that would look?

Then what about handles?

A handle is a great way to upgrade an ordinary printed retail bag to a luxury printed retail bag. We can offer rope handles, a ribbon handle matching your company colours or a printed ribbon handle with your logo or company message on it. This will really help your brand stick with the owner of your luxury custom printed retail bag.

Remember, it’s not all about the bag itself. In fact you can use printed tissue paper, ribbon and labels for the retail packaging inside the custom printed bag to add to that feeling of luxury. It’s giving you another chance to show off your business and brand colours while making the customer feel special. A win win situation!