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Make Returns Easy

By 31/12/2017March 2nd, 2018No Comments

Make Returns Easy

While we appreciate that you aren’t in business to get returns, returns do happen from time to time. It’s about finding ways to make your returns process as simple as possible for your clients and customers.

We all know how quick, easy and convenient it is to buy products and goods online. While this isn’t challenge free for us as a business, it does also not come without challenges for the customer either.

Especially when buying clothes on line, you can’t really tell what size the item is, the exact colour of the clothing, the feel of the material and also how it looks and feels when you put it on. No matter how good the photo of the clothing item can be it can be really tricky to judge an item without trying it on – and this increases the likelihood of that item being returned to you.

It’s important to remember that the customer won’t be happy that they have to return the product either. They may have really been looking forward to receiving that new dress; they had bought jewellery and shoes to match it and now it has arrived it is the wrong colour shade, too long or short or just doesn’t fit quite right.

Just because they have returned this product it doesn’t mean they don’t want to order from you in the future. In fact they may just want to return the item for a different colour or size for example. By making the returns process as easy as possible you are making life less stressful for the customer and they will be more likely to purchase from you in the future because they know they can trust and rely on you as a business and brand.

It is rumoured that online returns cost retailers around £20 billion every year! Like we said – returns happen. It is down to you to make that process as easy as possible. For example you could include a returns label. You could also make the box easy to open so it can be easily re-packaged for returns. Maybe make the returns address clear and deal with returns promptly and efficiently.