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Make Your Shopping Bags Shareable – Retail Packaging

By 30/01/2018March 5th, 2018No Comments

Make Your Shopping Bags Shareable

We have shared and written many blog posts about the benefits of retail packaging and how it can improve your bottom line as well as increase your brand awareness along with numerous other benefits – too many to mention in fact. But something we have only touched on is the huge benefits available to your business by creating custom retail packaging that is shareable.

Here at Eastpac we feel that a reusable shopping bag is literally a blank canvas waiting to be used as a visual marketing tool.
Back in 2013 a company called Dotcom Distribution completed an ecommerce packaging survey, in this research they found that a whopping 4 in 10 customers would share a picture of their retail packaging online if it was unique or branded. Out of these 4 in 10 people, 83% of them would share the image on Facebook.

Now the interesting part perhaps was that this research was completed in 2013; just think how many more people are now active on social media with many of these people using it to document their lives with updates on social media multiple times a day?

Branded custom retail packaging can be a hugely powerful factor for creating a solid first impression of your business and what could be limitless potential for online brand awareness and visibility.

When you realise that expert marketers think 35.4 million people in the UK alone (that’s 52% of the population in the UK) will be active users of Facebook by 2020, you quickly see that custom retail packaging will make a huge difference to your business when done right.

So why not take a step back from the business and think about the design of your printed shopping bags and custom retail packaging to see how much this can help your business gain more awareness, grow your target audience and get more sales.

As a retail business it is your job to ensure that you offer something creative and unique so customer feel excited when making a purchase from your shop; and if you do it right with your printed retail packaging you can make sure this excitement is spread across to your customers circles of friends and followers.