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One In Ten Ecommerce Packages Arrive Damaged

By 11/09/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

StellaService has reported that during busier periods, such as the holiday season, around one in ten of all ecommerce packages arrive to the customer damaged; but is this so surprising when every package you deliver to a customer goes through your warehouse, through different hands and departments, on a delivery lorry, through a delivery companies processes and then eventually the doorstep of your customer?

If you have poor packaging then this is definitely not surprising and this is why good quality, suitable packaging is so important for ecommerce companies.

When you choose a carrier to deliver your packages you think your products will be in safe hands, but reports show that some of the biggest and oldest carriers have some of the worst damage rates. For example 11% of all packages delivered by UPS are damaged, 10% for USPS and 7% for FedEx.

You can’t see what happens when your packages leave the warehouse but what you can do, is your best to protect the product so it arrives in perfect condition with the customer; no matter how it is handled (or mishandled) during the delivery process.

By understanding what your product is and how it could be damaged you are better prepared to protect it. For example, if you are sending a glass vase, it will need better packaging for protection than a jumper or other item of clothing, for example.

While you want to ensure that all products are protected from dust and dirt, there will always be items that need more packaging than others. For example, you can use SecuraPac which are air bags thatsurround your item and can be used inside your packaging, use branded packaging tape to warn that an item is fragile and use high quality packaging to ensure it doesn’t get ripped and the product subsequently gets damaged.

You also need to think about what may happen to your package during transit and delivery; for example it may be thrown around, fall off workbenches, be left outside in all weathers or be stacked. When you have thought about what you can expect from the delivery process then think about how you can protect your product with packaging.

Remember – no matter what happens to the product on delivery, it will be your brand and business that is judged, not the delivery companies so make sure you prepare your products with packaging for worst case scenarios and your customers will thank you for it.