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Expert Packaging Advice For Online Retailers This Christmas

By 17/12/2019No Comments

Are you an online retailer who is preparing for Xmas? Well, listen up!

It officially December, which means one thing. Christmas. But, as an online retailer, this can be quite daunting. Ordering goods online has become a convenient way to shop and opens consumers up to a world of different options and prices. Therefore, it is perfect for Christmas shopping!

Avoiding christmas rush with online shopping

But, if you’re an online retailer, is your online shop ready for the madness that is Christmas shopping? Physical shops can become hectic towards this time, but within the U.K, e-commerce is reaching a £137.38 billion turnover! This Christmas is undoubtedly going to be a busy time of the year for online shopping, so you better prepare now before it’s too late!

For an e-commerce business, ensuring that customers are satisfied with the good you deliver is essential. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the various steps online retailer need to take to ensure their packaging is not only protecting goods, but also appealing to customers aesthetically.

Read on to discover how online retailers can prepare for the winter rush

Product Packaging

As an online retailer, the likelihood is you don’t have a physical shop. Therefore, the packaging that holds your products is your “shop front”. Just as you would invest in the design of your shop, the same applies to your packaging. Packaging your goods needs to be carefully considered. Not only are you designing your packaging for your business, but also your customer.

Online retailers packaging

If your consumer has a positive and rememberable experience with your brand, the likelihood is they will buy from you again!

Furthermore, as we have discussed, e-commerce shopping is increasing and is set to be the most significant way to shop this Christmas. Therefore, shoppers are going to be receiving numerous packages from a variety of companies! So, to make yours stand out for all the right reasons. If your brand is unique, make your packaging distinctive.

Branded Packaging

Online Retailers Branded Packaging

Online customers are often spoiled for choice when it comes to where they purchase their goods. But, this is especially apparent during the festive period. Therefore, how the product is presented is fundamentally crucial for online retailers trying to increase their brand awareness and promote customer loyalty.

Using bespoke packaging, online retailers can create memorable moments for customers. The use of logos and branded materials are essential to design features, which if done correctly, can further enhance the overall customer experience.

Additionally, due to receiving multiple packages around the holiday, having branded boxes, mailing sacks or other materials ensures the customer knows who you are! Think about it. Everyone knows an Amazon box when they see it due to the logo being printed on the box. Maybe it is time to consider it for your e-commerce packaging?

Protection, Protection, Protection!

It’s December, which means people are buying gifts for their friends and family. Therefore, ensuring your products arrive in perfect condition is essential. Nobody wants the disappointment of presents arriving damaged or broken! Online retailers have to ensure the product arrives as stated! So, to guarantee goods are not damaged during transit due to inadequate protective packaging, thoroughly check the quality of your packaging. 

Good purchases online have to pass through several stages. From picking and packing, through to dispatch and transit. Your purchase certainly goes on a journey to get to you! Therefore, choosing the right packaging solution is vital for online retailers. No business wants to have to pay for replacements or lose customers when fragile or high-value items are broken!

An excellent example of a suitable packaging solution for e-commerce traders is our Securapac range. Created with online traders in mind, our Securapac transit packaging offers online retailers the latest innovations in transit packing. Our extensive range of materials offers full protection of your products and prevents any damages and breakages. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about disappointing customers. 

One of our most successful Securapac products is Ribtec. This protective e-commerce packaging will prevent the bruising and breakage of your products in transit. Reliable as well as sustainable, the industrial material is ideal as a buffer to avoid hard impact. We stock a wide range of sizes and formats so regardless of your product(s), you can guarantee they arrive with your customer, on time and undamaged.

Overall, the right packaging solution will not only help you minimise damages and returns; it will also increase the overall productivity of your business and have a positive impact on customer experience.

Therefore if you’re an online retailer and need help finding the right packaging solutions, contact Eastpac today.

We will assist you in finding the right packaging for your business that both protects your products and enhance the overall customer experience.