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Our Latest Whitepaper – Positive Packaging Solutions

By 26/06/2018No Comments

Our latest white paper

Our latest whitepaper is out due to popular demand from people we meet when networking and some of our clients too. This white paper has been written by the Eastpac team and uses the knowledge, experience and skills they have learnt and picked up over the years.

The whitepaper talks about the challenges faced by e-commerce, fulfilment and distribution businesses during the peak season. Within our white paper you will read about how to optimise your floor plan, how to assess your work stations and the necessity of training.

Accessing your floor plan may seem daunting as when you’ve been in a building a long time it’s hard to see past ‘how we’ve always done this’. So you need to move? No, not necessarily. Sometimes small changes can make big gains.

Having an independent or ‘birds eye’ look at your workflow from beginning to end can identify and highlight those road blocks or constraints to achieving a greater output. Occasionally it’s just a need to move with the times – are paper copies needed instead of documents or could this be done electronically?

Our white paper has been created to help businesses and we offer it to you completely free of charge because helping businesses achieve more is what we are all about, here at Eastpac. As a local family business we care about other businesses and want to help them grow and survive those tricky times in business.

We know what your peak season looks like and we have seen it for businesses of all shapes and sizes selling all sorts of products. Whilst E-commerce sellers perhaps have greater volumes, our white paper can be used to help improve efficiency in any pick and pack operation, from a one man band right through to a multi-location 3PL provider.

We feel that our whitepaper could make the job of people in fulfilment, e-commerce and distribution businesses easier.
Contact us directly to request your whitepaper.