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How To AVOID The Dreaded Packaging Downtime

By 23/10/2019No Comments

When it comes to warehouses, preventing packaging downtime is a priority

We understand that packaging downtime is a nightmare! When it occurs, it can be costly and cause significant inconvenience, which no company needs! While there are multiple reasons for experiencing downtime, more often than not, these can be avoided by keeping your packaging systems in good condition. Not sure how? Let us tell you!

Ensuring productivity is maintained at optimum levels is vital. Therefore, by managing to increase uptime strategically, you will not only minimise packaging downtime, but you will also keep your packaging line running smoothly.

As any manager knows, packaging downtime can be extremely costly and inconvenient. So, in this blog post, we have compiled together all our helpful tips for managing packaging equipment to enable minimal packaging downtime for your business.

Prevent the inconvenience of packaging downtime with our top tips:

1. Measure, Track & Record Line Efficiencies

When one part of your packaging line is unable to manage product throughput as effectively, bottlenecks can occur. However, if you can measure, track and record the throughput at the optimum times of business, you can identify the average performance levels. By doing so, this will help you detect potential problems before they arise.

Packaging Downtime

2. Consider Preventative Maintenance

One of the most fundamental ways of avoiding packaging downtime is the creation of a preventive maintenance schedule. In busy factories, it’s all too easy for regular maintenance to get neglected. The problem is that regular use takes a significant toll on equipment, and so without proper maintenance, things are bound to shut down. But, by completing regular maintenance checks on your packaging line and machinery, you will be able to identify smaller concerns before they become a significant issue.

What we would suggest is to create a list of maintenance checks that need to be completed and if you will do them monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. Additionally, practice regular, on-going preventative maintenance strategies — everything from adding appropriate lubricants to clearing off dust accumulation is essential for keeping machines from breaking down.

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3. Compile Daily Machinery Checklists

A significant reason for packaging machinery downtime is a lack of attention during operation. However, you can avoid this by creating a list for your employees.

A checklist of tasks and frequencies ensures workers inspect production. But, be sure to make a note of any anomalies. By doing so, this provides you with an audit trail of equipment oversight and provides your maintenance staff with valuable information that can help determine that cause of any significant downtime.

4. Have Spare Parts Readily Available

When components and parts cause downtime, having spares on hand can save you a considerable amount of frustration, waiting time and lost revenue. In the ideal scenario, you should be able to replace every part in your packaging line immediately if it fails. But in reality, most companies avoid holding expensive parts inventory.

So, just as you would keep spare ink cartridges for your printer, have spare components and critical parts available so broken areas can be replaced on your packaging line immediately. This will result in minimal packaging downtime.

Ultimately by having maintenance staff identify items that cause enormous issues when they fail, you can keep a minimum supply of these parts on-site.

Packaging Downtime

5. Be Aware Of Upgrades

The world of packaging is an exciting place to be with upgrades. Plus, with improvements readily available, it is vital that you have a budget available for updates.

But, don’t wait until your packaging machinery is on its last legs to consider upgrades! Request regular reports from your maintenance team showing the number of times a year each piece of equipment required repair, how long the downtime lasted, and what the cost to the company if there was an outage.

6. Train Employees

User error is one of the top causes of problems in the production line. Someone might apply too much force to a component or misuse some materials. Regardless of the reason, it can end up making a machine break down.

Therefore, it’s imperative that companies properly train their employees to know how to use tools effectively. Consequently, you can rely on your team members to operate machines correctly. Which, in turn, means you can expect fewer operator-instigated packaging downtimes.

7. Invite Employee Input

Who works on your machines more? Your employees! Your workers spend their time on the frontlines of production, so it is to your benefit to get them on the same page with you.

By inviting employees to input on ways to better service machines and rewarding them per preventive actions taken, it can lead to a boost in productivity. Ultimately, by involving your staff members in the decision process, it helps them feel more invested in your business, as well as offering them an incentive to work toward the same goals.

Packaging Downtime

We have aided numerous businesses in a variety of sectors to introduce optimised workspaces, warehouses and stations. Our specialists could help diagnose areas of improvement and provide solutions to packaging downtime. We understand that not every company is the same, which is why we offer a bespoke service each time.

If you’re interested in enhancing your business, contact Eastpac to help.