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Packaging For Home Ware

By 16/11/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

If you are a business that sells and send dinner sets, vases, crockery, glasses and similar home ware items then it is understandable that one of your main concerns is the packaging for these delicate and breakable goods.

You don’t want customers receiving broken goods because this gives your company a bad name (not to mention the money you lose in delivery, collection, replacing the order and the damaged product); but what packaging is best for home ware items?

We have put together some packaging materials and packaging options to ensure that your items arrive with the customer in one piece and your brand reputation is protected too;

Paper Cushioning Packaging

Paper cushioning is ideal for home ware products like dinner sets, vases and glassware; it helps keep your products safe during delivery from drops, kicks and shakes, but it also is an enjoyable and safe pleasure for your customer to unwrap on receipt of their order.

Mailing Bags Packaging

When it comes to soft furnishings such as cushions, bed sets and towels you don’t want these to get moisture damage from rain, being left outside or drop in puddles so waterproof mailing bags can be an excellent packaging solution for these soft furnishings. The bags are also self seal so they are quick to pack and no additional tape is needed either.

Inflatable Packaging

We have a product called SecuraPac which is an inflatable packaging item that is relatively new to the packaging world. It is extremely light weight but offers excellent additional protection to fragile items like bottles, candles and jars. SecuraPac is fully recyclable and reusable so it is easy for your customers to dispose of too.

eCommerce Box Packaging

We offer a selection of strong, heavy-duty boxes that are ideal for shipping household goods to your customers; anything from cutlery and tumblers to breadbins and microwaves, or even a mixture of items. Each eCommerce box has folding flaps for easy wrapping by you and unwrapping by your customer.


If you need help with packaging for your business then give us a call; we would be only too happy to help.