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Developing A Profitable Packaging Strategy in 2019

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Business owners, it’s time to review your expenditure and your packaging.

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Ideally, everyone should start the New Year with a solid plan on how they aim to improve their business and outperform last year’s turnover.

Eastpac now has a new drive for 2019. To kick off January, we want to help our customers develop an effective strategy towards managing their spend on packaging, as well as the use of the material.

How does poor packaging affect your business?

All good things take time; the same applies to your packaging. If you have had little or no thought in the design process of your materials, the bad quality design will economically and socially cost your business.

There is a significant need for standing out both online and in day-to-day life. With hundreds of new businesses opening their doors every day, you need to come up with packaging that gets chosen over your competitor’s.


Here’s exactly what you should consider:

1. Avoid using too much packaging

There is nothing more mundane and irritating than a Russian-doll package, where you remove one layer and find ten more.

If your product is fragile then it’s important to have the securest form of packaging for its transportation, however, don’t go over the top.

Not only will using less packaging save you money, but it also protects the environment and makes your product much more practical. There is rarely any need for too much packaging, instead focus on buying the correct materials.


2. Reflect your brand within your packaging

It’s always best to make sure you provide a detailed design brief to your packaging supplier. Aesthetics are also crucial with packaging. Brands both big and small need to ensure they represent the colours of their business within the packaging they showcase to their consumers.

Colours can prompt a particular emotion in people, for instance, red could insinuate romance, blue indicates trust and so forth.

Remember to keep themes similar to all of your offline marketing and ensure that your packaging greatly complements your persona.

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3. Think about the environmental factors 

I understand that some people may not see the importance of this factor; however sustainable packaging is becoming more efficient for both the ecosystem and your business.

Recyclable and eco-friendly packaging will give you a valued reputation, plus you have to worry about disposing of any excess packaging, as the material could be easily recycled.

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How to save time and money on your packaging

1. Consider Consignment Packaging

With a stock check system and a local supplier, you can guarantee to always have the products you need in the right place at the right time, whenever you need it.

This service reduces downtime; saving you time and hassle with putting together a stock order, instead let professionals take care of this.

If you are a growing business, consignment packaging is especially important to consider ensuring you keep up with your packaging needs.

This approach to packaging requirements will prevent you from ordering too much or too little, instead, you will have all you need at one given time and you can additionally request extra whenever you need.

2. Package like a Pro

If you pack your products correctly, you will save space, therefore save material. There’s nothing more costly than over packing because the material wasn’t used in the most effective way.

Scale and practicality are important factors to take into consideration to make sure you don’t spend more than you need to on packaging material.

3. Reduce damage during transit

To save on the need to re-package products make sure each item is secure before you send them off for transportation. Sounds pretty obvious right? Wrong, unfortunately, many products are sent back damaged or requiring new packaging because the previous wrapping didn’t secure the parcel.

Investing in secure packaging provides long-term benefits and saves you money further down the line.


Now for some more 2019 considerations…

So, we’ve gotten the considerations out of the way. Now it’s time to look ahead to the future.

If you’re going to increase profitability in 2019, start by using your packaging for marketing.

Yes, whether you’ve been doing so already or have no idea what we’re suggesting, let us explain further.

It is so important that you design your packaging right, to convey the correct message and generate effective and memorable brand awareness.