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5 TOP TIPS For Ensuring Packaging Success

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The steps you NEED to follow to ensure packaging success

To ensure packaging success, it is vital to consider the consumer. There are over 7 BILLION people in the world, and each of these people handles, on average, £113 worth of packaging a year. Well, unless you’re in the packaging industry like us, then it is probably a lot more!

But, there is no doubt that packaging is an ever-increasing business with tremendous growth potential. However, here at Eastpac, we notice that packaging is a very competitive landscape. The market share is unequal, with smaller suppliers being struck out by large corporations, with larger budgets.

Big businesses have more resources, which contributes to their brand awareness, broader access and packaging success. Additionally, with the rise of social media, any packaging which isn’t up to par gets ridiculed. You know the post. Where someone will have received a standard cardboard box that is the size of a house, for a simple, tiny pack of batteries and uploads an image of them inside the box! You get the idea.

However, we want to help you. The small businesses who want to improve their customer relationships, as well as steadily increase their packaging success and business growth. Therefore, take a look at our top tips for e-commerce trader to ensure packaging success without the budget or influence of their larger rivals.

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Our 5 TOP TIPS for gaining packaging success:

1. Innovation

Due to the digital age we live in, packaging is facing numerous new challenges and trends. Take a look at some of these in our previous blog. For packaging to be a success, it is crucial to develop packaging which excites consumers.

Any shapes, sizes and styles should not limit packaging. Buyers are indeed creatures of habit. However, they also have little patience. Just like with most things, people do not like to see the same thing over and over again! Think about it. Would you like to see the SAME clothes in your favourite shop ALL YEAR round – year on year? No.

To gain packaging success, your e-Commerce business should adopt variations in their packaging. As some companies do, they offer the customer options. A simple choice between colours or even personalisation can go a long way. The more you can provide a client with a decision, in a part of the purchasing journey they didn’t expect, is undoubtedly entice them to buy from you again!

2. Trust

You cannot buy loyalty; you have to earn it. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your packaging doesn’t fail.

There is nothing worse than a customer trusting a company to deliver them their new purchase, and it turns up broken! This immediately destroys the rapport between the client and supplier – but mostly the trust. Consequently, it is essential to purchase high-quality packaging that is durable, long-lasting and secure.

Packaging offers an excellent opportunity for you to build the trust of customers. Consequently, a priority for any business should focus on sustaining this trust. By doing this, you will experience profits and success for a very long period! Plus, the customer will have confidence in your brand; therefore you can guarantee their service to you.

3.  Feedback

Another important factor that you should ALWAYS listen to is customer feedback. You could improve and acknowledge your packaging by getting the opinions of the people who matter the most – your buyers.

Through various channels, such as social media and online reviews, customers can share their opinions about your packaging. Also, through these platforms, businesses can gain suggestions for further improvements and even new ideas. So listen!

4. Shipping

One area where the packaging will face its toughest challenges is during the shipping process. Packages have to be prepared for whatever the journey entails. Hence why robust and durable packaging is seen in such high regard.

However, one thing which you need to consider is what product you want to transport. Fragile items will need that extra bit of care. Bubble wrap, packaging void fill and Ribtec are just some examples of protective materials which need to be considered when delivering breakable goods.  But, if for example, you are transporting fresh items such as pizza, cakes or other delicious desserts, the boxes should be lightweight and easy to carry.

It is clear that whatever your products may be, they will definitely influence the type and style of packaging used. But, once you have got the packaging right, customers will appreciate their goods arriving in perfect condition – building their trust.

5. Occasion Offers

As we discussed before, customers don’t like to see that same packaging over and over again. Therefore, why not be on-trend and current by adapting packaging styles to suit occasions?

Ultimately, you can edit your packaging for Birthday Gifts, Weddings, Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s Day! By doing so, it is a valuable way for you to get recognition in the packaging industry as well as with your customers.

Overall, these tips will ensure you remain in the positive thoughts of the customer as well as retaining their interest. We understand that packaging may be a small part of e-Commerce, but it is crucial. Packaging success will inevitably lead to more sales, higher levels of trust and business growth.