Packaging Systems

If you are looking for high quality, reliable and affordable industrial packaging systems then you have come to the right place; here at Eastpac, we offer industrial products packaging systems and machines that will offer huge time saving and efficiency benefits to your business and your packing and dispatch departments.


Our packaging equipment and product packaging systems and modern and easy to use, they and packaging systems that can integrate into a business with ease and clients can integrate any of our packaging equipment into their current system and process enabling them to quickly see an improvement in productivity and efficiency.

We offer industrial packaging solutions equipment that are mobile and lightweight, meaning that we are able to provide our clients with more flexibility and a reduction in worker fatigue. Our packaging equipment systems will go a long way in helping your business adapt to the growing demands of your customers as your business grows.

If you are unsure of the right packaging system solutions equipment for your business then please do not hesitate to contact us directly; we will be more than happy to help you purchase the right industrial packaging equipment for your business to help you improve on productivity and efficiency.


Ripack 3000 Propane Gas Shrink System

This is an ergonomic and lightweight packaging solution that is designed to keep operator fatigue to a minimum and is an ideal form of packaging equipment if workers need to be mobile on the work floor. Please click here to find out more.


Paper Void Fill PAPERplus Papillon

Our Paper void Fill PAPERplus Papillon is an extremely versatile piece of packaging equipment featuring three modes that allow for easy integration with existing Top Fill packaging processes. It has a plug-and-play function that ensures it is extremely easy to use and integrate; with a small footprint, it also means this industrial packaging machine will not take up a lot of room on a table or packaging branch within the work floor.


BP555 Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser

This industrial packaging solution machine is a table-top dispenser with programmable keys to improving reliability, serviceability and security of your products during packaging and delivery; with the largest roll capacity in the industry this packaging machine will also help your business achieve high productivity and consistency.


ZXT1216 Battery-Powered Strapping Tool

As a lightweight and battery operated strapping tool the ZXT1216 Battery-Powered Strapping Tool is an excellent choice, it can be used with both polyprop and polyester strapping and allows for faster work and use with fragile packages. This piece of packaging equipment is extremely easy to handle and operate.