Packaging Tapes

Love or hate, boxes, bags or parcels have got to be secured. Is it all the same? NO – so many different types, widths, materials; quiet, noisy, sticky, strong, thin, clear, brown, coloured....
The choice of colour is simply a personal preference (but printed packaging tape can REALLY enhance your brand), the other choices need a little more consideration.
It’s tempting to go cheap – it’s only packaging tape... until your parcels come open in transit, you lose your goods and have the expense of resending replacement goods.

And does the brand of tape matter? Yes. We agree, there are some brands where you pay for the name, but outside these – you get what you pay for. There is nothing worse than a tape that doesn’t stick.
So what grade of tape do you need? It all depends on the products your packing, their weight, what you’re packing them in and even your method of distribution – goods delivered on your own van will normally be handled far more carefully than those dispatched through the automated systems of post or courier.
Available in 40 different variants from stock - sizes from 9mm to 75mm, different colours and adhesives. And of course there are the ‘specials’ we can order in to meet specific applications.
Packaging Tapes can also be customised in company colours and printed with company logos or marketing messages subject to minimum quantities. Printed tape is an automatic security seal unlike plain sticky tape that can easily be replaced by potential pilferers. Printed tape highlights your product in your customer’s warehouse, makes your product stand out from the crowd and makes it easier for re-order

Polyprop Tapes

The basic packaging tape. Available in brown or clear.  Great on plastic on good quality card with lightweight products.

Solvent Tape

Still a pressure sensitive tape, but a much more ‘grippy’ adhesive. It is better at coping with extreme temperatures, damp conditions and high humidity.  An excellant choice for use on heavy duty, recycled and export packaging.

Hot Melt Tapes

This tape does provide a quick tack, reliable bond. Ideal for shipping boxes due to its superior holding strength and will ensure that the box stays sealed

Paper Tapes – Water Activated

The ‘Rolls-Royce’. Fantastic , tamper evident seal, reinforced strength,  bonds to the box, is recyclable, and when used with the electronic dispenser can yield time savings that drive profit.